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Peskov estimated the chances of concluding an analogue of the declaration on the end of the Cold War

Peskov: now one can only dream of an analogue of the declaration on the end of the Cold War alt=”Peskov assessed the chances of concluding an analogue of the declaration on the end of the Cold War” />

Dmitry Peskov

One can only dream of concluding agreements by modern politicians similar to the Declaration on the End of the Cold War, signed by Russia and the United States 30 years ago, Dmitry Peskov, press secretary of the President of Russia, said.

According to him, against the backdrop of worsening relations between Russia and the West, the Kremlin is not inclined to overestimate the significance of the upcoming anniversary of the declaration.

“It is unlikely that it [the declaration] is capable of influencing the formation of the political consciousness of the current leaders. In the current conditions, one can only dream of signing such papers. But still, we have other responsibilities, and dreams— that's not what we're paid for,” — noted Peskov (TASS quote).

The Declaration on the End of the Cold War was signed on February 1, 1992 by the Presidents of Russia and the United States, Boris Yeltsin and George W. Bush. In particular, the document stated that Russia and the United States do not consider each other “as potential adversaries.” Russian-American relations after the signing of the Declaration were to develop in the direction of “friendship and partnership”; and be based “on mutual trust, respect and a shared commitment to democracy and economic freedom.”

The aggravation of relations between Russia and NATO took place last autumn, when publications appeared in the Western media about Russia's military buildup on the border with Ukraine and Moscow's plans to invade the country. The United States has threatened to impose harsh sanctions against Russia in the event of aggression towards Ukraine.

The Kremlin denies the existence of plans for an invasion, and the movement of Russian troops across the country was called exclusively an internal affair of Russia. Russian President Vladimir Putin has repeatedly noted the build-up of NATO's military presence and infrastructure near the Russian borders, and also drew attention to the fact that strategic bombers of the alliance fly 20 km from the state border, which “goes beyond certain limits”.

Later, the Russian Foreign Ministry handed over to the United States and NATO draft agreements on security guarantees, in which, among others, there was a clause on the non-expansion of the alliance to the east. This is Moscow's key demand.

Following consultations on these agreements, the United States sent a written response to Russia's demands. However, according to Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov, there was no positive reaction on the issue, which Moscow considers the main one.

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Don Henley – A Month Of Sundays (Live) letras

October 5, 2016


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I used to work for Harvester
I used to use my hands
I used to make the tractors and the combines that plowed and harvested
This great land
Now I see my handiwork on the block everywhere I turn
And I see the clouds ‘cross the weathered faces and I watch the harvest burn

I quit the plant in ’57
Had some time for farmin’ then
Banks back then was lendin’ money
The banker was the farmer’s friend
And I’ve seen dog days and dusty days;
Late spring snow and early fall sleet;
I’ve held the leather reins in my hands and felt the soft ground under my feet
Between the hot dry weather and the taxes, and the Cold War it’s been hard
To make ends meet
But I always kept the clothes on our backs;
I always put the shoes on our feet

My grandson, he comes home from college
He says, “We get the government we deserve.”
My son-in-law just shakes his head and says, “That little punk, he never
Had to serve.”
And I sit here in the shadow of the suburbs and look out across these
Empty fields
I sit here in earshot of the bypass and all night I listen to the rushin’
Of the wheels

The big boys, they all got computers; got incorporated, too
Me, I just know how to raise things
That was all I ever knew
Now, it all comes down to numbers
Now I’m glad that I have quit
Folks these days just don’t do nothin’ simply for the love of it

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