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Chile’s 35-year-old president-elect pledges to increase salaries and pensions

Local authorities turn to face the people

Chileans, who have been electing a new president for almost a month (not without a second round), have decided: the country will be headed by 35-year-old Gabriel Borich, who has become the most young head in the history of the South American state. Despite his young age for such a serious position, the new Chilean leader is ambitious and optimistic, and the ideas he voiced & nbsp; although they sound populist in places & nbsp; at least really appeal to the problems of the common people.

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Representative of the left party 'Social Convergence' Boric will replace the center-right Sebastian Pignera, who, according to the law, cannot run for office. The main competition for the 35-year-old candidate in the elections was the right-wing conservative Jose Antonio Cast. To be fair, it must be said that it was he who showed himself the best in the first round in November, gaining 2.12% more than his opponent. However, in the second round, luck turned away from him, and how! Boric scored almost 56%, while the former favorite of the vote had to be content with 44%.

In principle, & nbsp; the results of the second round look much more logical than the November figures: although Kast really enjoys substantial support from the population, many do not like his sharply conservative rhetoric on the one hand (for example, uncompromising on the issue of the prohibition of abortion), the constant promotion of the ideas of a market economy on the other, and, finally, openly complimentary remarks about the dictator Augusto Pinochet. Against this background, an analogy arises from another part of the world and another decade, when Jacques Chirac defeated Jean-Marie Le Pen in the presidential elections in France & mdash; also in the second round & mdash; under the slogan “ Let a thief, but not a fascist! ''.

Leaving aside such analogies, it is worth noting to Borich's credit: he was not noticed in theft, corruption and the like. But his passion for political activity and administrative activity is & mdash; from school. Taking part in the public life of the school, before entering the University of Chile at the Faculty of Law, he decided to take on a great responsibility, becoming the head of the Faculty Student Center.

This experience helped him learn how to distribute tasks between like-minded people and build his own authority as a competent manager. Already in 2011, it was he who became the President of the Student Federation, soon leading the mass protests for free education. Two years later, Borich decided to go further & mdash; in 2013, he ran in the parliamentary elections and as a result & mdash; received a parliamentary mandate.

As a deputy, the future president promoted the same ideas that sounded in his student speeches and formed the basis of the election program. Without spreading his thoughts along the tree and actually ignoring issues of foreign policy, migration or international trade so popular among top countries, Borich turns to ordinary workers. What does he promise them? A third increase in the minimum wage & mdash; from 337 thousand pesos to 500 thousand pesos (in terms of 30 thousand rubles to 44.6 thousand rubles). At the same time, the number of working hours per week & mdash; now there are 45, & mdash; should be reduced to 40, according to the team of the new president.

Even those who voted both times for Borich are still cautious about such plans. Some commentators believe that it is better to move progressively, at least adding money to wages first: by the 45-hour work week, people seem to have “ lit a cigarette. ''

Moreover, there is another “ financially intensive '' an area that will require extremely thoughtful steps from Borich and his consultants. Unlike many countries in the world, including ours, pensions in Chile are not formed on the basis of contributions from employers and citizens throughout their lives, but are formed from payments to private companies, which, after a person retires, begin to “ return '' money. It is easy to guess that among such institutions there may be fraudulent ones, or at least those that themselves simply will not “ hold out '' until the pensioner retires.

Borich intends to establish a single minimum state pension of 303 thousand pesos (about 22.3 thousand rubles, that is, half of the planned minimum wage).

And, of course, he has not forgotten all those promises and demands that he voiced in his student days, therefore education and medicine in Chile should be free, abortions & mdash; legalized.

Where can we find reserves for this? Strengthen the fight against corruption and raise taxes for the rich & mdash; in particular & nbsp; those whose monthly aggregate (from deposits, salaries, shares, etc.) income exceeds 4.5 million pesos (about 400 thousand rubles). This shouldn't be a problem. Chile, the world's top copper exporter, has over ten billionaires, most of whom have made their fortunes from this raw material. And leave their familiar places & nbsp; even in front of a promising “ easy dispossession of kulaks '' they are unlikely to.

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My five-star coronavirus quarantine hotel has great views, but it’s not a holiday

Sydney 2000

Spontaneous applause broke out in the cabin around me when the last Qantas flight from Santiago landed in Sydney on Sunday afternoon.

After three weeks in Chile — two of them spent trying to get home as the global coronavirus pandemic escalated — I felt a sense of relief as the plane’s wheels hit the tarmac.

But there were more difficult times to come.

Today, I woke up in a room at Sydney’s InterContinental hotel.

I am among the first to be quarantined in hotels as part of the Federal Government’s new measures aimed at stopping the spread of coronavirus.


My room at the InterContinental is comfortable. (ABC News: Jarrod Whittaker )

As the plane’s wheels rolled on the tarmac yesterday afternoon, I switched on my phone and saw stories of cruise ship passengers comparing their isolation to prison.

The social media comments were equally strong.

Some said those quarantined in hotels were “entitled”. Some said a trip to the Christmas Island detention centre was in order.

Coronavirus update: Follow the latest news in our daily wrap

The truth, as with most things, lies somewhere in the middle.

Our room at the InterContinental Hotel is extremely comfortable.

The beds are great, the internet fast and we have a view of Sydney Harbour most people can only dream of.


The view across iconic Sydney monuments from the room is not half-bad. (ABC News: Jarrod Whittaker)

On the flip side, it’s not exactly a holiday.

We can’t leave our rooms. That’s fine for me and my partner, but concerns me as a parent.

Our daughter is entering what is essentially her third week of a month-long quarantine.

We don’t know when she’ll be able to go outside next — something we were looking forward to about home isolation in Australia.

Our other issue, the absence of a laundry service in hotel quarantine, has been fixed by a good old-fashioned return to hand washing.

What the experts are saying about coronavirus:


Our isolation instructions made it clear conventional clothes washing was not an option. (ABC News: Jarrod Whittaker)

I set off on March 7 from our home in regional Victoria, embarking on a trip Chile and Peru for a family wedding with my partner and our four-year-old daughter.

When we left, toilet paper and hand sanitiser had just started disappearing from the nation’s shelves.

Coronavirus questions answered
Breaking down the latest news and research to understand how the world is living through an epidemic, this is the ABC’s Coronacast podcast.

A week after we arrived in Peru, the Government closed the borders.

My brother-in-law’s wedding in Santiago, the reason for our trip, was cancelled.

Suddenly things went from a relaxing holiday to a frantic effort to get myself and my family home.

We rescheduled our flights and when they were cancelled, we booked new ones.

But we were told we had to stay in Santiago for two long weeks of quarantine before we could go home.

During those two weeks, we’d only leave our apartment in Santiago to pick up supplies at the supermarket.

People grappled with diminishing supplies in the supermarkets, but the calmness of Chilean shoppers contrasted with the videos of Australians fighting over toilet paper I saw in social media.

Stay up-to-date on the coronavirus outbreak

The biggest concern at the time was the looming deadline of Qantas’ suspension of commercial flights at the end of March.

We lived in fear about a complete lockdown of Santiago or that the cancellation of our precious return flights would leave us stranded.

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@JarrodWhittaker: There’s been some interest about what life’s like in hotel quarantine. I’m hoping to give you an insight into what it’s like. So, for insight here’s breakfast on day one. @abcnews @abcsydney

In the end, Santiago only went into partial lockdown and we had enough notice to relocate to a hotel near the airport before we flew home.

It was while we were there we learnt all people arriving in Australia from overseas would need to quarantine for two weeks as soon as they landed.

Which leads us to the InterContinental hotel.

My hunch is whether hotel quarantine is difficult or not will come down to the individual.

The more introverted, indoors-y types (I include myself in this group) will probably manage just fine.

The more extroverted or those with special needs could find it difficult.

And, despite the view, we’re really, really looking forward to getting home to regional Victoria.

Jarrod Whittaker is a journalist in the ABC’s Gippsland newsroom.

Video: The rate of COVID-19 infections appears to be slowing but don't celebrate yet


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Six tourists arrested after faeces found at sacred Machu Picchu temple


Peruvian police say they will deport five tourists and prosecute another after they allegedly damaged stonework and defecated among the ruins at Machu Picchu, an Incan citadel that is one of South America’s most renowned tourist attractions.

Key points:

  • The tourists were from Chile, Brazil, France and Argentina
  • The Temple of the Sun has limited access for tourists in order to preserve the site
  • Machu Picchu is a UNESCO World Heritage site visited by more than a million tourists a year

Authorities said on Tuesday (local time) the tourists, from Chile, Brazil, France and Argentina, snuck into the ruins and caused a rock to fall from a wall of the Temple of the Sun, which damaged it.

One of the foreigners allegedly defecated inside the Incan city.

The tourists were arrested on Sunday when police and park rangers found them in a restricted area of the sacred Temple of the Sun, Agence France Presse (AFP) reported.

An Argentine man will remain in the country to face charges for “destroying Peru’s cultural heritage” after he acknowledged a lead role in the vandalism.

According to AFP the tourists face at least four years in prison if they are found guilty.

The 15th-century Temple of the Sun has limited access for tourists in order to preserve the sacred and unique site.


Machu Picchu is at the meeting point of the Peruvian Andes and the Amazon Basin. (Reuters: Enrique Castro-Mendivi)

It was built by the Inca for ceremonies giving offerings to the sun, which was a vital part of Incan life and culture.

The Temple of Sun was used to pay tribute to the sun, considered the creator of all things and the most important deity in the Inca empire.

Machu Picchu is a UNESCO World Heritage site visited by more than a million tourists a year.

It is set on a steep ridge made up of about 200 structures and is famous for its architecture and art covering 32,592 hectares of mountain slopes, peaks and valleys at the meeting point of the Peruvian Andes and the Amazon Basin.

The stonework has long intrigued visitors, but a spike in tourism has raised concerns about damage to the delicate site.

The United Nations has previously warned of urgent problems with deforestation, the risk of landslides, uncontrolled urban development and illegal access to the sanctuary.


Source: https://www.abc.net.au/news

Rick Ross – BIG TYME Lyrics

Play this song

[Intro: Swizz Beatz & Rick Ross]
God, thank you
For blessing me for everything that you’ve blessed me with
They tried to see me down, but we way up
Oh this Swizz Beatz talking on a Just Blaze track
Rick Ross on the poetry
Ay, Just, this religious
God dammit, says
Just Blaze

[Verse 1: Rick Ross & Swizz Beatz]
Surviving R. Kelly, registered pedophiles (Damn)
Tried to feed all my niggas and spread the cheddar ’round (God damn)
Gotta castle in Cali where I quote the Qu’ran
It’s a mansion full of gods ’til I pass the baton
I bow my head (Bow my head), you know what’s next (Wooh)
I say my prayers (Wooh), hands across my chest (God damn)
Breaking shackles, I’m that nigga disobeying his master (Oh)
Paper chasing, standing still is a fuckin’ disaster (Oh)
Emmett Till (Emmett Till), cement shoes (Damn)
Can I live? My mamma rent due (Wooh)
Penal systems come to the Source, Benzino of C Notes (Oh)
G don’t wanna see it unless it’s Moschino (Wooh)
It ain’t really real until it’s a kilo (Damn)
I just spoke to Meech, I think I’m Pacino
(Say it again)
I just spoke to Meech, I think I’m Pacino (Ross)

[Chorus: Rick Ross, Swizz Beatz & Both]
Big time, I just do it big time (Hey)
All my niggas really do it big time (God damn)
Lil’ niggas, but we do it big time (Big time)
Started with a nickel rock, now I’m big time
Big time (Big time), big time (Say What)
Looking in the mirror, nigga yeah you’re big time (Ladies and gentleman)
They hated on you, dawg but you’re big time (God dammit)
Talk behind your back ’cause you’re big time (God dammit)
Big time (Wooh), big time (Wooh)
You a bad bitch, shawty but you’re big time
Yeah, you got small feet but you’re big time (Hey)
Bad bitches, big time
Real niggas gotta do it big time (Big time)
Two seater (Woohoo), big time (Oh)
Throw the keys to the bitch, nigga big time
Big time, big time, big time, big time, big time
My momma gotta come to me because I’m big time (Wooh)
Big time, real nigga, big time (Hey)
I don’t give a fuck, bitch ’cause I’m big time (Big time)
Til the day I die, I swear to God I’m big time
Amen (Amen Ross)

[Verse 2: Rick Ross & Swizz Beatz]
I pray somebody tell you ’bout these bumpy roads (Woo)
Only maps to follow is your bible quotes (Yes)
And all them things your grandmother and father spoke (Yes)
I watch your actions not just captions in the shit you post (Jesus)
Cappin’ on niggas, that shit’ll get you smoked (Oh)
But if you rap a lil’ different, that shit’ll get you more (Woo)
Just like baggin’ them nickels up and down different coasts (Ah)
I be stackin’ them tickets, I’m tryna sit with HOV (Oh)
I be stackin’ my tickets, I’m tryna sit with HOV (A billi’)
I was washing the dishes, but now I get to toast (Woah)
I’m the talk of the bitches while they sippin’ mimosas (What’s up?)
We could gossip ’bout the digits, discuss a few numbers (Talk to me)
Too many losses inside the trenches, don’t let this become us (Wow)
Big time, Maybach Music (God damn)
I just got a crib in Chile to chill a few summers (God damn)
Or catch me out in Haiti, still running up numbers (God damn)
If I look into your eyes, then I made you a promise
Miami Heat, I rep like my name was Udonis (Damn)

[Chorus 2: Rick Ross, Swizz Beatz & Both]
Looking in the mirror, nigga yeah you’re big time (Damn)
They hated on you, dawg but you’re big time (Oh)
Talk behind your back ’cause you’re big time
(Wo wo wo wo wo)
Big time (Big time), big time (Hey)
You a bad bitch, shawty but you’re big time (What’s up)
Yeah, you got small feet but you’re big time
Bad bitches, big time
Real niggas gotta do it big time
Two seater (Woo), big time
Throw the keys to the bitch, nigga big time
Big time (Woo), big time
My barber gotta come to me because I’m big time
Big time (Woo), real nigga, big time (What’s up)
I don’t give a fuck, bitch ’cause I’m big time
Til the day I die, I swear to God I’m big time

[Outro: Swizz Beat]
I know you’re big time
It’s your time to shine

Maybach Music

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