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Bounty Killer Supports PM Andrew Holness Stimulus For Dancehall Artists

Dancehall deejay Bounty Killer is reacting favorably to the offer of Jamaican Prime Minister Andrew Holness’ Parliamentary presentation that proposed a stimulus package for entertainers.

The Prime Minister was reprimanded by Jamaican citizens across social media for the suggestion as they are of the view that the entertainers are already rich and are not suffering like ordinary Jamaicans who are desperately in need of help.

Others accused PM Andrew Holness of seeking curry favor in the dancehall fraternity because of his growing lack of popularity due to statements he made weeks ago that dancehall music lyrics and artists had a direct link to rising crime in the country. Among those who made fun of the PM’s proposal were artists like Dexta Daps and Tanya Stephens, who stated their lack of interest in money from the government.

However, Bounty Killer is defending the move by the Prime Minister against those who are ridiculing his proposal.

In an interview after a donation by the Bounty Foundation, the dancehall legend said in spite of what some say, many artists are suffering and are in need of financial help. Many artists depend on performances and touring for income, and with the entertainment industry closed for more than a year, many have had to leave the island to perform elsewhere to maintain their survival.

Bounty Killer says upcoming artists are the ones who need help from the government.

“Why would entertainers not need support? Everybody needs support. Everybody knows what the pandemic does,” he said. “It hurts everybody’s income and well-being. You have entertainers with status that may not need it but what about the smaller ones who may not have a hit song as yet? There are some who need assistance and some who don’t. But there are people who I know that need assistance.”

The Prime Minister says there are plans to make an allocation of funds for the entertainment industry, and he intended to “call in the leaders of the industry … We want to have an engagement because we see our music and our culture as a part of our economic recovery,” Holness said.

His discussions framed a wider discussion of the contributions of the entertainment industry and the government’s plan for capital expenditures to build out entertainment centers on the island since the impromptu parties in communities are among schools and churches, and most times, the noise is an issue.

It’s been known that Jamaica needs more entertainment centers. The island’s premier center is Catherine Hall in Montego Bay which hosts Reggae Sumfest, arguably the largest music festival held in Jamaica. However, in recent years, the venue’s capacity has been shown to be inadequate, leading to calls for a new larger venue as more visitors enter the island to enjoy the entertainment offerings.

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The Prime Minister says he is aware that changes need to include stakeholders, so persons do not feel like the government is fighting against dancehall.

“Presently, we have not designated spaces for entertainment, so you might have a dancehall right beside a church or a clinic within residential areas, and we disturb our neighbours,” he said. “What the pandemic has revealed is that we need to reconfigure our society. We need to sit with the stakeholders and plan to build a new Jamaica, a Jamaica in which entertainment can be accommodated, and this is a conversation that we need to have without anybody saying that we are fighting dancehall.”

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Vybz Kartel Praised Bounty Killer For Gifting Wheelchairs To Elderly

Vybz Kartel is praising his former mentor Bounty Killer for his charitable endeavors as he assisted three senior members of the Porus village in Manchester with cash and kind donations to assist their everyday life.

Vybz Kartel posted a clip of one of the recipients who appeared to be blind and said that in spite of his loud and boisterous personality, Bounty has a soft side that cares about people. “He said a longtime the general kind and helping people!!!!! Don’t mek the #warord persona trick yuh @ggrunggaadzilla is di original & only #poorpeoplegovernor,” Kartel began.

“Nuff millionaire yuh create bout yah mi don…mi love yuh as a fada,” Kartel said.

The two men have become closer over the last few years, and it was Bounty Killer who introduced Vybz Kartel to the world when he brought him on stage in 2002 during one of his own performances, something veteran artists did back in the day. Kartel was part of the Alliance group founded by Bounty Killer that has undoubtedly coached and released more talent than any other figure known in Dancehall history.

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Vybz Kartel and Mavado were both proteges of the veteran artiste. However, their relationship became rocky around 2006 when Kartel collaborated with D’Angel in the heights of the Bounty and Beenie Man feud.

At the turn of the decade in 2010, as Vybz Kartel reinvented his look- going from black Kartel to bleached Kartel- Bounty Killer had many critical things to say about the practices which became widely influential to Kartel’s vast cult-like base. However, in recent times, the two have accepted the olive branches as they celebrate each other.

Meanwhile, the charitable endeavor by Bounty Killer by his Bounty Foundation said that the group traveled to Porus, Manchester, to handover three wheelchairs and $50k each to three disabled persons. Bounty Killer posting on his page said, “…it was all smiles and joy today it pleased my heart to see the splendor of sharing. Thanks for granting me this wonderful opportunity almighty god,” he posted on Instagram.

Since the beginning of his career, Bounty Killer has lived up to his self-proclaimed moniker, ‘Poor People Governor,’ as he lyrically advocated the plight of those underprivileged in society. His advocacy has moved from just lyrics to donations and other such gestures as he helps the poor and needy.

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