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Chris Travis – Judgement Day Lyrics

Last try bruh, f*ck this shit
Keeping everything
Keeping everything nigga, off top nigga
I don't even f*ck with this beat nigga, but I'mma kill this shit
No chords nigga

Nigga, I'm a walking lick, so you can't even touch
If you try to rob me, I'm cutting out your damn guts
Hoes try to play me, I don't play games much
Talking shit today, will have your funeral next month
Niggas try to lie on me
Don't say I'm biting styles
I'll rip your favorite rapper up, like a shredded file
Niggas on my dick hard, smoke them like a Black & Mild
f*ck a cop, f*ck a court, f*ck a goddamn trial
I'ma stand for my pride, p*ssy nigga, sit down
Beat a nigga ass quick, then smoke a whole pound
Bitch I'm not the dog pound, I'm a mothaf*ckin' beast
Run up in your house, take your bitch, put her on a leash
Judgement day for these rap niggas and they damn fans
Kill your song with a hook, call me the candy man
I'm the mothaf*ckin' best, f*ck who don't understand
Disrespect and get your ass clapped, like a lap dance
Get your main bitch f*cked, and your lil' sis snatched
No kidnap, just f*ck and give the bitch back
I'm a mothaf*ckin' shark, ya'll p*ssy niggas cast

Throw your ass in the water, watch you swim bloody laps
"Chris Travis can't rap", that's what lame niggas say
If you don't like me, p*ssy nigga you is gay
Long dick in your mouth, bitch, f*ck what you say
Got drunk and sex, kicked her out the next day
Wake a bitch up quick, throw water on her face
f*ck a nigga and his problems, ain't nobody straight
If you listen to this, thn you a real nigga
If you get a offended, this about you nigga
Stay up out my lane bitch, ya'll up in the way
Better go hide in the attic somewhere safe
Try to diss Chris Travis, you a f*cking disgrace
Line up your whole career, on my f*cking dinner place
But I doubt that will happen, I ain't worried about shit
Don't let worries f*ck your life up for your kids
Niggas hating on my dick, cause I'm making progress
Bitch I'm more than a rapper, I'm a starving artist
Punching fans in the face, like I'm Ron Artest
Just to let ya'll know, I ain't taking no shit
Killing every nigga off, if he up in my way
While he smoking kush, send his ass off into space
Shit just got killed nigga
Say no more

Daboii – When I Hear Some Shit Lyrics

I ain’t gon’ lie, this muf*cka classic right here. I ain’t even gon’ lie to you, I ain’t gon’ lie, when I hear the music man that shit, that shit slap, that shit give me the chills, you feel me? I know y’all know that muf*ckin’ feeling you feel me. Muf*ckas spitting that real, you feel me? Or a muf*cka gassing, you feel me? Muf*cka get goosebumps, you feel me? That’s how I be feeling, you feel me? When I hear something, you feel me? That’s something serious. This shit right here, this shit something serious. Nigga pay attention nigga, on the gang

And what you bitch niggas saying?
I’ll slide down and leave a bitch nigga nameless
Oh, or leave a bitch nigga famous
A hundrеd something shots a make a nigga hit the matrix
A hundrеd something shots a make a nigga count his blessings
OT with the, now I’m up like I’m restless
She like, “You just wanna get your nut.” Bitch you guessed it
Well shit, let’s get straight to the point since you said it
Uh, ol’ smart ass bitch
Catch me a opp then his car getting flipped
Nigga, who you startling with?
Shout out SOB they are part of the clique on the gang
Watch how I pick this shit up nigga, right where I left off
Nigga on the gang nigga, I ain’t never left
Nigga watch this
Bitch it’s DaBoii, I’m the heart of the clique
Still in the streets though I’m scarfing and shit
Boy your ray fake and I’m stars in the city
Nigga you a ho, not far from a bitch
When I hear the music, I get my groove on
They been waiting for me to drop, it’s been too long
I like my Glocks all black never two toned
I been shitting on you niggas get my poop on
Turn the roof on, I meant take it down
Put a, on a, it won’t make a sound
Put me, in a, I won’t make a sound
And I ain’t talkin’ sirloin what we stacking now
I ain’t talking ’bout a plan when we plot nigga
Like bruh was too heavy, drop the nigga
Coulda got the nigga gone he had gonner wit’ ’em
Yeah it’s tints on the buffs but I’m watching niggas

Nigga you ain’t getting high, that’s a Black & Mild
Nigga shout out to the real ’cause we back in style
My white boy pale as shit, still be blacking out
If you wanna make me proud, bring me back a thou’
Wanna have me satisfied? Bring me back ten
And If I don’t got that strap, f*ck it, back hand
Shook my ex in the club hmm back spin
Bitch don’t pull off yet, King ain’t strapped in
I ain’t coming to the club ain’t no straps in
I thought you cared about your life? Why you lack then?
Point this bitch at your foot, nigga tap dance
Get on the beat and I eat like a fat man
Or get on when I eat like I’m Pac-Man
Nigga strictly only brothers, I don’t have friends
Wanna come to the V? Nigga tap in
All my niggas stand in tar like we sacked Sims
And you can turn this bitch off bitch I’m still going
Tucked a, in my drawls, bitch it’s still showing
I ain’t smoked since last night bitch I’m still loaded
All I do is pop a Perc, now I feel focused
What the f*ck is a goat? Bitch I eat them
And if that shit was on the floor you would sleep in
I’ll put the strap down, we can be men
But you still a whole bitch, let that sink in
When I lost Shied, made my heart bleed
Make him come up out his chain and his car keys
This ain’t no mothaf*ckin zan this a RP
Still be f*cking with them Crips ah, RP
Boy your Benz a ’05, you is not stunting
Nigga I’ll double back, I forgot something
I got love for the streets, learned a lot from it
Nigga even til’ this day on the block thugging
Nigga I can never slip, on the block clutching
Ain’t no sign on this here, still a stop something
How y’all niggas want smoke but y’all not puffing
From the front to the back they like stop cutting
Yeah, bitch I’m back on
Nigga shout out to the Glock, that’s my backbone
Bitch I’m way too turnt to make a sad song
Why the f*ck you in the field if your strap home?

Rico Recklezz – Crank That (Soulja Boy Diss)

Rico Recklezz in this hoe.
50 Clip off in that pole.
Watch me c*ck this motherf*cker back and let it blow.
/Boom./ (x4)
/You ain’t no soldier boy./ (x4)(crank that)

How the f*ck you a soldier and you ain’t never go to war.
You niggas gay, SOD; Sucking On d*ck, what it stand for.
Bitch, I’m Rico Recklezz I’m like the boogie man, the Chiraq Landlord.
075 Rugaworld free Stain we posted in front of that store.
This nigga Soulja been a bitch his whole life, trynna act like he want smoke.
Knowing damn well he put up cause’ every time he pop out he getting poked.
Choppa same size as Lil Mouse he gon’ f*ck around and get smoked.
Steady taking pictures with that Draco knowing damn well you don’t tote.
Better ask around, check my background; I’m a bloodhound for that dough.
My niggas clap rounds, you hear that Mac sound; Now your dancing ass on that floor.
On the internet talking like a killer but you super-lock your door.
You had a hit, but now you over wit, I wish you won’t rap no more.
Stay taking niggas rap style.
Up in Chiraq, nigga you don’t live this live style.
Team no lacking bitch, I can’t put the pipe down.
Headshot will make his corny ass pipe-down.
Lil Boosie ..
Lil Uzi bitch, I’m Money Longer right now.
No movie, Freddy Kruger with me right now.
It’s Ewol rolling off a pill, drinking brown.
Jayden in the cut; Move blow your ass down.
.. Atlanta but I heard you reppin’ Cali now.
You wearing red so you think you a Blood now.
Know some Crips in south-central blow your ass down.
In Chiraq location on right now.
f*ck probation, 30 on me, I’m on parole clown.
Niggas say they balling but they really in the crowd.
You swisher sweet and I don’t smoke swishers clown.
Super-Soaker wet him up, now he need a towel.
You washed up, he just made a tape with Bow Wow.
Disney Channel ass niggas look like Oscar Proud.
Rico Recklezz been dope, you a Black&Mild.
Hundred thousand on my head, ..
Go ahead, tell .. scary ass to leave the house.
No recess little boy, I don’t play around.
Rico Recklezz, keep my name out your f*cking mouth.
Fore’ I have them Renegades outside your house.
One phone call, and .. cappin’ now.
$10K, one on one we can fight it out.
But my city, you can’t come, you ain’t welcome now.
Glock .23 like Mike, no Bow Wow. (x3)
.. go to jail before my thot blow you down.(crank that)

Say it nigga.
Keep Recklezz Renegade outta your motherf*cking mouth!
Y’all know what the f*ck it is, you know how we rockinnn’.

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