South Australian deputy premier vote to be held today, with two MPs vying for the title

It's been a big month in politics, with Vickie Chapman resigning as deputy premier and stepping aside from her ministerial roles amid claims of a conflict of interest on a planning decision.

South Australia will have a new deputy premier by the end of the day, with two key contenders vying for the role.

Here's what we know so far.

Why does the state need a new deputy?

Vickie Chapman, who had been deputy premier since the 2018 election, was forced to stand down after she became the subject of an ombudsman investigation

SA Deputy Premier steps down

Vickie Chapman is stepping down from her role as Deputy Premier and stepping aside from her ministerial positions, pending the outcome of an ombudsman's inquiry.

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Her decision came days after South Australia's parliament passed a vote of no confidence in her

That vote followed a report from a parliamentary inquiry, which recommended Ms Chapman be found guilty of contempt of parliament for misleading the house.

The inquiry was looking into her decision to reject a deep sea port on Kangaroo Island, in her role as planning minister.

The committee heard Ms Chapman owned a rental property across the road from a forest which would have been felled if the port went ahead.

Ms Chapman has maintained she did not have a conflict of interest in making the decision and has stood by her decision, but on Sunday she informed the Premier it would not be appropriate for her to remain in the role of deputy.

Who is in the running?

There are two candidates for the role of deputy premier. Both are male ministers already serving in the cabinet.

Environment Minister David Speirs was the first to announce his intention to run for the vacancy.

"I won a marginal seat from Labor in 2014, consolidated it with a significant swing in 2018 and I believe that I can help the party connect with the outer suburbs, communities we need to win in order to retain government," he said in a statement.

"I look forward to canvassing the views of my colleagues, listening to their priorities and supporting Steven Marshall's leadership no matter the outcome of the ballot."

Environment Minister David Speirs has declared he would like to be deputy to Premier Steven Marshall.(ABC News: Lincoln Rothall)

The most likely option, however, is that Dan van Holst Pellekaan will hold onto the role.

After all, he was secretly sworn in as Deputy Premier on Tuesday.

However, a government spokesperson later said the member for Stuart in the state's north-east was only serving in an "interim" capacity until the partyroom voted.

"As Leader of Government Business in the HoA [House of Assembly], Dan is the next highest HoA Minister on the Order of Precedence," the spokesperson said in a statement.

Mr van Holst Pellekaan believes his regional qualifications make him "well suited to the role".

"As a long-standing regional MP and senior minister I have a balance of experience," he said.

"A city-based premier and a country-based deputy premier is the right mix for all South Australians."

Premier Steven Marshall has not revealed who he will back, instead saying he would be "very pleased" with either candidate.

"Let's wait and see what happens tomorrow, but already two excellent candidates have put their names forward," Mr Marshall said.

"I strongly respect the great strengths of both Dan van Holst Pellekaan and David Speirs, they've both got senior roles within my cabinet, within the government."

When will the vote take place?

The vote will take place at Parliament House at 4pm.

All lower house Liberal MPs will be able to cast a vote in the secret ballot.

Any MP who can't make it in person will be allowed to appoint a proxy vote.


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