Seven hospitalised after bus carrying high school rowers rolls near Victoria-South Australian border

Portland 3305

Seven students have been taken to hospital after a bus owned by Adelaide’s Scotch College crashed and rolled at Nelson in far-west Victoria near the South Australian border.

Portland Sergeant Ryan Nelson said the bus was carrying 21 teenage students and four adults when it rolled on Portland-Nelson Road, near Black Swan Road, about 4:25pm.

Two of the teenagers were taken by helicopter to Mt Gambier and then on to Adelaide by fixed wing aircraft while five more were taken to hospital by road.

The others were assessed at the scene.

“Luckily all the kids are OK,” Sergeant Nelson said.

“There are a couple that are seriously injured, but they’re still OK.

“They’re talking to us, which is a really good thing, so we’re really happy.”

A statement from Scotch College principal John Newton said the students were attending the college’s senior and intermediate rowing camp in Nelson.

Mr Newton highlighted that no other vehicles were involved and the bus was fitted with seatbelts.

“As a result of this accident a small number of students have sustained minor to moderate injuries and are receiving appropriate medical treatment at medical facilities, including two students who have been airlifted to Adelaide,” he said.

“Other students and staff members are receiving precautionary medical attention.

“All families of students and staff involved in the accident have been notified and are being updated as appropriate information comes to hand.”

Sergeant Nelson said a doctor was nearby when the accident occurred and able to triage the injured after the crash.

“There was a lot of shock amongst all the occupants of the bus and it’s hard to imagine how the parents would be feeling,” he said.

“I’m a parent of a teenage kid and I would be overwhelmed with shock if my kid was involved.”