School on fists. Loud fights between students and teachers

On May 23, in the coastal village of Danube, a graduate got into a fight with teachers. A statement to the police was written by the mother of a 17-year-old girl. However, later the police received a counter-statement from the teachers as well.

“It was preliminary established that there had been a conflict between the applicants and the minor, which escalated into a fight,” — told Ekaterina Khabarova, Deputy Head of the Press Service of the Russian Ministry of Internal Affairs for Primorsky Krai, she clarified that all the details of the incident are now being established.

Ombudsman Olga Romanova told RIA Novosti about the reasons fights. As it turned out, it was a long-standing conflict, because of which the girl was transferred to another school a year ago. “The situation was not resolved by specialists, which caused a fight between a teenager and teachers,” — Romanova said. recalls recent cases of fights between wards and teachers.

She beat her for a remark

In October, in Rybinsk, a student beat a teacher because of a remark. A 14-year-old schoolgirl violated discipline during a lesson. She reacted aggressively to the remarks of an elderly teacher.

After a skirmish, fists went into action — The student attacked the teacher. The woman even had to go to the emergency room. The teacher wrote a statement to the police.

In April, by decision of the Rybinsk City Court, the girl's parents were fined: they must pay moral compensation to the teacher in cash.

Sparring at the lesson

In February in Ulan-Ude there was a brawl between a geography teacher and a ninth grader. The woman tried to push the raging teenager out the door, but he did not want to leave the office until he took his things. The quarrel was caught on video. 

The teacher tried to forcibly push the student out. He, trying to escape from the teacher, almost hit her. At some point, the teacher hit the student on the head with a book. The battle continued, at one point the woman fell to the floor. She stood on her feet or was pushed — it's not clear from the video. The conflict lasted for several minutes. 

The situation was sorted out with the help of the school administration. As reported, the teacher and the student have no complaints against each other, both sides apologized, the boy understood everything. The teacher officially works at the school.

Nearly choked me

An art teacher at a school in Arkhangelsk almost strangled a student when she tried to break up a fight.

The incident happened back in the fall, but the video hit the Web only on February 18th. It shows how the teacher tightly holds the child by the collar, thereby almost suffocating. In turn, the student kicks his feet to loosen the teacher's grip. 

The boy's lawyer told that the woman took the child out into the corridor and pressed him against the wall. The boy had a cross around his neck, which, due to a strong grip, squeezed his throat. After that, the child lost consciousness. According to the lawyer, the same boy suffered a compression fracture of the spine in 2018 as a result of an accident. A physical education teacher was named the culprit.

Revenge for the lack of a diploma

In Uzbekistan, at the last call, a graduate poured water on the headmaster in front of everyone. The incident was caught on video. The student of the school said that he did this because at the last call he was not given a “deserved” diploma.

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