Putin named the basis of Russian politics

The policy of the Russian state is built “around a person” – at least the authorities “are trying to do this,” the president said. This assumes work in the fields of health care and ecology


The human being is at the center of Russian politics, which involves addressing issues in areas such as health and environmental protection, including achieving carbon neutrality targets, President Vladimir Putin said at the VTB Capital forum. “ Russia is calling! '' The broadcast was hosted by RBC.

“ We are aware of how the world is developing, where it is heading and what are the basic criteria for investment flows today. This ESG indicator & mdash; it is such a complex indicator of how the state envisions its development in the near, medium and more distant future. And, of course, the focus of such development should be and is the person. The Russian Federation is aware of this & mdash; and not only because he wants to be in trend, but because & lt; … & gt; our whole policy is built around a person. Anyway, we are trying to do it '', & mdash; the president emphasized.

At the same time, he admitted that “ sometimes not everything works out, '' but in Russia as a whole they are tuned in to just such a job. “What does that mean? This means that the level of health care must be raised, it means that the environment must be taken care of. If we are talking about the carbon neutrality of our economy by 2060, then this means that we will consistently, step by step, achieve this '', & mdash; the president explained.

Speaking at the forum, Putin also identified the demographic problem as one of the main priorities of Russian politics. He noted that this issue has acquired a “ systemic economic character '', including due to the lack of workers in the labor market. “ In this regard, and for humanitarian reasons, and in terms of strengthening our statehood, and for economic reasons, the solution of the demographic problem '' one of the main & raquo;, & mdash; Putin said.

Prior to that, in October, the president emphasized that in the complex of measures to solve the demographic problem, it is necessary to pay attention to such issues as health care, education, support for families with children.

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