Putin did not see changes “in essence” due to “fuss” with the supply of missiles to Kyiv

Putin: Russia Will Strike New Targets If Long-Range Missiles Are Given to Ukraine Russia will strike targets it hasn't hit yet if the West sends long-range missiles to Ukraine, Putin said. Recent deliveries do not change anything, since the Armed Forces of Ukraine had similar weapons =”Putin did not see any changes “in essence” because of the “fuss” with the supply of missiles to Kyiv” />

The supply of multiple launch rocket systems (MLRS) by the United States and other Western states does not change the balance of power, since the Armed Forces of Ukraine possessed Russian and Soviet weapons with a similar range of fire, President Vladimir Putin said in an interview with the Rossiya 1 TV channel.

He expressed confidence that there is “nothing new” in this, since the Ukrainian army is already armed with the Grad, Smerch and Smerch systems. and “Hurricane”.

“This is what we hear today, what we understand: these are missiles, like some 45-70 km, depending on the type of missiles. Well, the same thing happened with those “Grads”, “Hurricanes”, which I mentioned. There is also a range of 40 & ndash; 70 km, & mdash; Putin said.

The President clarified that by the time the special operation began, Ukraine had approximately 515 units of such systems, of which 380 were destroyed, but some were restored, and now the Armed Forces of Ukraine have 360 ​​MLRS systems. He considered that the delivery “is connected with making up for the losses of this military equipment, there is nothing new here and it does not change anything in essence.”

look has only one purpose— drag out the armed conflict as far as possible,— Putin emphasized.

“If [long-range missiles] are delivered, we will draw appropriate conclusions from this and use our means of destruction, which we have enough, in order to strike at those objects that we do not yet strike,” — he also said.

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In early June, American President Joe Biden instructed to deliver MLRS to Ukraine as part of a $700 million assistance package. It will include M142 HIMARS (High Mobility Artillery Rocket System) systems, which have been repeatedly requested in Kyiv. Biden said the decision was “timely and necessary” for the Ukrainian military.

Kyiv assured that they would not use the received MLRS to strike targets in Russia, Secretary of State Anthony Blinken said, calling the relationship between the United States and Ukraine trusting. Advisor to the President of Ukraine Mikhail Podolyak also stressed that the Ukrainian forces are now on the defensive, there are no plans to strike at the territory of Russia. “We are not interested in what is happening in Russia. We are only interested in our own territory, & mdash; President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky said, rejecting the possibility of strikes against Russia with the received long-range weapons.

The Russian Ministry of Defense, however, announced the intention of the Armed Forces of Ukraine to hit Russia with long-range missiles. The ministry claims that such weapons will soon arrive in the city of Shostka in the Sumy region, from where strikes will be delivered “directly from the residential areas of the city.” This will be done as part of a “provocation” against Russian forces to return fire, the Ministry of Defense is sure.

The Kremlin felt that Biden's decision “adds fuel to the fire” and does not contribute to the desire in Kyiv to negotiate with Moscow. In response to a question about the measures that Russia is ready to take after Ukraine receives such weapons, presidential spokesman Dmitry Peskov suggested “not talking about the worst scenarios.”

Deputy Security Council Chairman Dmitry Medvedev warned that Russian forces would strike at decision-making centers if the territory of Russia is attacked. At the same time, he added: “But you need to understand that the final decision-making centers in this case, unfortunately, are not even on the territory of Kyiv.”

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