Putin called what is happening in Ukraine a tragedy

The President reiterated that Russia was “left no choice.” According to him, the start of the special operation in Ukraine was only a “matter of time” ” alt=”Putin called what is happening in Ukraine a tragedy” />

Vladimir Putin and Alexander Lukashenko (from right to left)

What is happening in Ukraine— this is a tragedy, but Russia had no choice, President Vladimir Putin said at a joint press conference after talks with Belarusian leader Alexander Lukashenko.


today, as I have always said, we are a triune people: Ukraine, Belarus and Russia. What is happening in Ukraine, — It's a tragedy, no doubt about it. But Alexander Grigorievich correctly said— left no choice. There just wasn't a choice. The only question was time— when it starts»,— said Putin.

Russia has been conducting a military special operation in Ukraine since February 24. Its goals are called “denazification”, demilitarization and protection of civilians in Donbass from “genocide”; by the Ukrainian authorities.

Putin has repeatedly stated that the special operation was a forced step. According to him, Ukraine intended to “organize a blitzkrieg in the Donbass”, while the West “pumped up” her weapons, thus creating a “real threat” for Russia.

Ukraine after the start of the special operation introduced martial law and severed diplomatic relations with Russia. Western countries have imposed several packages of sanctions against Moscow, which affected the financial, energy, transport and industrial sectors. The Russian Foreign Ministry called them illegal and promised a response.

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