Putin called the right idea to raise the flag and sing the national anthem in schools

Putin: the idea of ​​raising the flag and singing the anthem in schools is correct, but it should be worthy Where it cannot be organized in this way, it is better to transfer the introduction of the tradition, he noted .jpg” alt=”Putin called the right idea to raise the flag and sing the anthem in schools” />

The idea of ​​raising the flag and singing the national anthem in schools is correct, but such ceremonies should be held with dignity, said President Vladimir Putin at the meeting of the Supervisory Board of ANO «Russia— land of opportunity.

At the event, Minister of Education Sergei Kravtsov recalled that from September 1, at the beginning of the school week, the anthem and the state flag will be hoisted in each school.


“Sergey Sergeevich, regarding the anthem , flag. Yes, it is very correct and in demand. But it only needs to be done with dignity, & mdash; Putin noted.

According to him, the procedure itself should “correspond to the significance of these symbols of the state.” Also, “where it can't be arranged in this way,” the introduction of the tradition is “better postponed for the time being,” the president said.

Kravtsov also said that from September 1, lessons will be held in schools explaining the goals and objectives of Russia's special operation in Ukraine. According to him, the Ministry of Education has intensified work on this issue, since “a flurry of absolutely implausible misinformation, fakes hit the children.”

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“Today we have already conducted lessons in social studies, history, about what is really happening <…>: what is the purpose of the special operation— this is help to our people, denazification, demilitarization of Donbass. From the first of September, organize such lessons— we are already doing this work,— said the minister.

The day before, Kravtsov announced that “historical education will begin in schools from the first grade.” According to him, such a measure is necessary in order to “preserve historical memory.”

Later, the head of the Ministry of Education clarified that there was no question of introducing history lessons from the first grade. “History is being studied, it will be studied from the fifth grade, but already from elementary school it can be discussed within the framework of the subject “World around”; the history of their family, their land, their region, their small homeland. Visit museums, exhibitions & mdash; this can be done within the framework of extracurricular, extracurricular activities,»,— he said.

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