Protesters broke into the residence of the President of Sri Lanka

Local police used tear gas to disperse protesters in the Colombo area, where the residence of Sri Lankan President Rajapaksa is located. More than 30 people were injured, the president left the residence jpg” alt=”Protesters broke into the residence of the President of Sri Lanka” />


Protesters in Colombo broke through the police barricades to reach the entrance to the residence of the President of Sri Lanka, Gotabai Rajapaksa, and entered the premises, the Adaderana portal reports.

According to the portal, the police used tear gas to disperse protesters in the Janadhipati Mawata area, where the residence is located.

According to an AFP source, the President of Sri Lanki left his residence. Where Rajapaksan is now is not specified.

Edition Ada Derana writes that at least 31 people were injured during the protests, including several police officers. Two of them, according to a source in medical circles, are in critical condition.

Protests in Sri Lanka have been taking place since early April against the backdrop of an economic crisis that is estimated to be the worst in the country's 74 years of existence. On April 12, the country's authorities declared a default due to the crisis and problems with the import of essential goods.

The Ministry of Finance of the country noted that the COVID-19 pandemic and hostilities in Ukraine had so undermined the financial situation of Sri Lanka that further normal servicing of external public debt obligations became impossible.

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In May, in Sri Lanka, as a result of protests between Three people were killed by supporters of Prime Minister Mahinda Rajapaksa and anti-government protesters, and about 150 others were injured.

According to police, in the city of Nittambuwa, protesters surrounded the car carrying the MP from the ruling party Amarakerti Atukorala and overturned it, whereupon the man fled, hid in a building, and committed suicide.

On May 9, the Prime Minister decided to step down to allow his brother, Sri Lankan President Gotabhaya Rajapaksa, to create “government of national unity.”

However, the protesters are demanding the resignation of the president as well. After the prime minister announced his resignation, a group of protesters set fire to his family home in the Medamulan district in the city of Hambantota.

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