Pensions, payments, maternity capital, loans: what will change from January 1

The New Year will bring some legislative changes. The minimum wage (minimum wage) will increase, pensions and maternity capital will be indexed, and social benefits will be adjusted. Banks and microfinance institutions will be banned from lending too much. And electricity meters will now only be smart. About these and other key innovations – in the material of RIA Novosti. Minimum wage and living wage

The minimum wage is increased from 12 792 to 13 890 rubles. The authors of the bill proposed a lower bar, but the head of state introduced an amendment. It was foreseen in the federal budget for 2022-2024.

As Vladimir Putin noted, the increase in the minimum wage “will affect the growth of many social benefits, including payments to families with children and additional payments to pensions, will serve as a guideline for setting salaries in the branches of the economy “. And this parameter is calculated in a new way – 42 percent of the median salary (for some, the income is higher than this indicator, for others – lower).

And since the minimum wage cannot be less than the subsistence level, it will increase by 8.6 percent – up to 12 654 rubles.

30 billion will be allocated from the federal budget for this in 2022. Many social benefits are tied to the minimum wage. For example, for sick leave. Last year there was a maximum of 2434.25 rubles per day, now it is 140 more.


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