Patriarch Kirill announced the need to rally society around the government

The meaning of power is to help people, and not to enjoy your power and lifestyle, the primate of the Russian Orthodox Church also said

Patriarch Kirill

Society should rally around the authorities in order to achieve solidarity and be able to reflect external and internal enemies, Patriarch Kirill said in a sermon at the Church of the Intercession of the Most Holy Theotokos on Lyubertsy Fields in Moscow's Nekrasovka district.

“May the Lord help us all in this difficult time for our Fatherland to rally everyone, including around the authorities, and the authorities— be filled with responsibility for your people, humility and readiness to serve them even to the point of your life. Then our people will have true solidarity and the ability to repel enemies, both external and internal, and arrange our life in such a way that in this life there is as much goodness, truth and love as possible, — said the head of the Russian Orthodox Church (TASS quote).

The patriarch recalled that the meaning of power is to “be a servant to everything”; and to direct one's actions “for the good of others, and not for one's own good.” He emphasized that those who have power are “responsible to God and to people,” and if the power will bring good, it will be “blessed by God and recognized by the people.” The Primate of the Russian Orthodox Church noted that the possession of power & mdash; “a very dangerous thing”, and “to whom much is given, much will be asked.”

Earlier, Patriarch Kirill noted that the conflict between Russia and Ukraine arose because that “the enemy of the human race” through specific people, through specific associations of people— throws into relationships» between two peoples “lie”. According to the head of the Russian Orthodox Church, Russians and Ukrainians are one people, which is difficult to separate. However, now believers need to pray that the peoples living on the lands of historical Russia always recognize each other as brothers and sisters, the patriarch believes.


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