Putin promised “luxury, but more expensive” accustomed to the 600th Mercedes

Putin believes that owners of Mercedes 600s will still be able to buy luxury goods, but it will cost them “a little more”. At the same time, it is not this that is important for the development of the country, but the creation of engineering centers /39/756535642178393.jpg” alt=”Putin promised “luxury, but more expensive” to those accustomed to the 600th Mercedes” />


Russians who “drove the 600sMercedes” ;, will continue to ride them and buy luxury goods, Russian President Vladimir Putin said at a meeting of the Eurasian Economic Forum; RBC is broadcasting.

“Those who want to bring some luxury goods, luxury, they can do it, but it will be a little more expensive for them. But these are the people who already drove the 600s Mercedes, and will drive, I assure you, they will bring them from anywhere, from any country,»,— said the head of state.

According to the president, many companies have announced that they are leaving Russia, but Russian manufacturers can fill their niches. Putin noted that Russian production “will safely land on the soil prepared by partners.” He also added that engineering and research centers are important for the development of Russia, we need to work on this.

The 600th Mercedes in Russia is usually called the flagship model W140 with a six-liter engine, which was produced from 1991 to 1998. Accordingly, she had the number 600 on the trunk.

Earlier, the EU countries, the United States and Canada banned the supply of luxury goods to Russia as part of sanctions. The United States included alcohol, tobacco products, products made from natural fur and silk, precious stones, grand pianos, clothing and footwear items (from $1,000 per item).

In early March, some automakers, including Mercedes, Volvo and Volkswagen announced the suspension of deliveries of cars to Russian dealers until further notice.

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Putin said that “theft of other people’s assets” does not lead to good

“Theft of other people's assets” does not lead to anything good and only brings problems to those who do it, Putin said. Earlier, the European Union and the United States proposed to withdraw frozen Russian assets in favor of Ukraine /74/756535632259744.jpg” alt=”Putin said that “theft of other people's assets” does not lead to good” />


Violation of international norms and “theft of other people's assets” will only lead to problems for those who do it, said Russian President Vladimir Putin, speaking at a meeting of the Eurasian Economic Forum. The President stated this against the backdrop of proposals from the United States and a number of other Western countries to send frozen Russian assets to help Ukraine.

“Violation of the rules, norms in the field of international finance, trade does not lead to anything good. And to put it in simple terms, it will only lead to problems for those who do it. Theft of other people's assets has never brought anyone to good, especially those who are engaged in this unseemly business, — Putin said.

According to him, it is not only in Russia or China, but also in “many other countries.” More and more of them “want and will pursue an independent policy, and no world gendarme” will not be able to stop this “natural global process,” the president noted.

Since the end of February, Western countries, in particular the United States, Great Britain and the European Union, have repeatedly tightened sanctions against Russia. Due to restrictive measures, almost half of Russia's gold and foreign exchange reserves, or about $300 billion, were frozen.

In addition, the property of Russian businessmen who fell under sanctions is being arrested abroad. And the European Union, as the head of the European Commission Ursula von der Leyen said last week, is looking for ways to use these assets to rebuild Ukraine. US President Joe Biden also proposed seizing the seized property of Russian businessmen in favor of Kyiv.

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The Kremlin warned that they would consider the seizure of Russian assets in favor of Ukraine “in fact, outright theft.” Such a decision may cause retaliatory measures from Russia, and also alienate other countries and investors from the United States, the Federation Council said.

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Turchak replied to Volodin about the frequent trips of deputies to the Donbass

To the remark of the speaker of the State Duma about the difficulty of ensuring the safety of such trips and that they lead to “truancy” of meetings, the Secretary of the United Russia General Council responded with the words about “sitting your pants in comfortable chairs” *

Andrei Turchak and Denis Pushilin during the awarding of medals “For the Liberation of Mariupol”

Comment on trips of deputies from United Russia Only those who were there and “passed it all through themselves” can enter the Donbass. This statement was made in the Telegram channel of the party by the Secretary of the General Council of the “United Russia” and First Vice Speaker of the Federation Council Andrey Turchak, responding to criticism of State Duma Speaker Vyacheslav Volodin.

Earlier, at a meeting of the Council of the Duma, Volodin declared the need to “eliminate the excessive zeal of individual deputies to engage in unusual activities.” TASS Agency and Vedomosti cites the words of the participants in the meeting and sources close to the State Duma, who said that Volodin named the names of three heads of committees who missed several meetings of the Duma council due to trips to the Donbass. Volodin also noted that many deputies are already in the Donbass, and ensuring their protection “is worth as much as the whole special operation.”

“Our deputies will continue this work as long as it is necessary for the residents of both the Donetsk and Lugansk People’s Republics, the Kherson region, Zaporozhye and other liberated territories as our troops advance,” — said Turchak.

According to him, questions about “burdening, protecting these guys” & mdash; deputies who travel to Donbass,— raise questions, as they do not need protection. Also, Turchak noted, security is not required for “volunteers who, in the amount of 200 people, are constantly there, without taking off their bulletproof vests for weeks, helping people, conducting operations, on the front line, in hospitals in the Luhansk and Donetsk People’s Republics.”

“It seems to me that one should not pay attention to such statements, statements by a number of officials who are completely out of touch with reality. I have already said that only the person who was directly there can comment on this work. I was there and passed it all through myself. And I didn’t sit my pants in comfortable chairs, & mdash; said Turchak.

“Vedomosti” citing three sources in the State Duma, they wrote that Volodin was concerned that the trips of deputies to the Donbass were at the expense of work in the chamber. Among those who most often missed meetings of the Council of the Duma, — head of the committee for CIS affairs Leonid Kalashnikov (KPRF), head of the committee for health protection Dmitry Khubezov (United Russia) and head of the committee for physical culture and sports Dmitry Svishchev (LDPR). They missed five council meetings out of 11, the newspaper notes.

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The publication notes that Khubezov missed meetings due to the fact that he is a doctor and traveled to the Donbass to organize medical care in the DPR and LPR. Kalashnikov said that he did not dispute it, but noted that “according to the regulations from the committee, someone is always present at the council.” Svishchev also said that the rules of the chamber allow the presence of deputy heads of committees on the council. “But in connection with the fact that such a remark was made, and it is correct, I now walk on my own,” — added Svishchev.

“Volodin drew the attention of all members of the council that we can consider the decision to send deputies there if there is a corresponding request from the Ministry of Defense, the National Guard or the subjects of the Federation, because the main task of deputies and committee heads is to make legislative decisions designed to help all participants special operation, as well as in making anti-sanctions decisions, decisions in support of citizens, the economy, regions and people in general,— TASS quotes its source.

In early May, Turchak visited the Kherson region, which was taken under the control of the Russian military. Arriving in the region, he declared that “Russia is here forever.” and “there will be no return to the past.” At the same time, Turchak suggested not getting ahead of himself on the issue of the status of the region, indicating that it would be determined by the inhabitants.

The Ministry of Defense announced full control over the Kherson region in mid-March, and on April 9, the Russian flag was raised over the city administration. At the end of April, Alexander Kobets was appointed the new mayor of Kherson, and the head of the region— Vladimir Saldo, who led its capital until 2012.

Kirill Stremousov, deputy head of the military-civilian administration of the Kherson region, said that the region is moving into the ruble zone from May 1. At the same time, a transitional period of up to four months is envisaged, during which both the ruble and the hryvnia will circulate in the region.

Earlier, in early April, Turchak criticized Presidential Press Secretary Dmitry Peskov for his statement in an interview with the British SkyNews TV channel that during the special operation Russia has “significant loss of troops”; and for the country “this is a huge tragedy.” According to Turchak, the comments of state officials should not be ambiguous, especially in such a period as the country is going through. “Significant” losses, what are they? And what are “not significant”? And eight years of victims of the genocide of Donbass— Was it just a tragedy for us? And now “great tragedy”? Turchak said.

At the request of Roskomnadzor, RBC provides data on the details of the military operation in Ukraine based on information from Russian official sources.

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The Ukrainian Church asked to “deprive the throne” of Patriarch Kirill

The Orthodox Church of Ukraine urged “to break the shackles of spiritual slavery” and not to submit to the Moscow Patriarchate. The rector of the OCU called on the Ecumenical Patriarch to deprive the head of the Russian Orthodox Church of the throne of the patriarch for supporting the special operation alt=”The Ukrainian Church asked to 'dethrone' Patriarch Kirill” />

Metropolitan Epiphanius

One of the conductors of the ideology of the “Russian world” became the Patriarch of Moscow and All Russia Kirill, because of which the church is divided along national lines, the Patriarch of Constantinople Bartholomew should deprive him of the throne of the patriarch, said the Primate of the Orthodox Church of Ukraine (OCU) Epiphanius after the liturgy, his words are quoted by the website of the church. The OCU was proclaimed in 2018.

“We condemn this and appeal to the Ecumenical Patriarch <…> with a request to condemn the spiritual crimes of Cyril and deprive him of the throne. For he cannot hold the chalice with the Eucharist and the pastor's baton, whose hands— in the blood»,— said Epiphanius.

He added that the ideology of the “Russian world” distributed by the Moscow Patriarchate as a “heretical current of ethnophyletism”; (phyletism— the tendency to sacrifice general church interests to national-political ones.— RBC). Epiphanius urged “to leave non-canonical subordination” ROC and “break the shackles of spiritual slavery”.

Earlier, on May 24, the Bishops' Council of the OCU was held in Kyiv, based on its results, the participants called on Epiphanius to bring to “canonical responsibility” Patriarch Kirill and depriving him of the throne of the patriarch.

RBC turned for comment to the Synodal Department for Church Relations with Society and the Media and to the Department for External Church Relations of the Moscow Patriarchate.

The Orthodox Church of Ukraine was proclaimed on December 15, 2018 at the Unification Council in Kyiv (Epiphanius was also elected there) by the decision of the Patriarchate of Constantinople to grant it autocephaly. He pointed out that the ROC would have to accept this change, since the Ecumenical Patriarchate was endowed with exclusive rights based on the decision of the Ecumenical Councils. “Whether our Russian brothers like it or not, they will follow [this] decision pretty soon,” — stressed Bartholomew.

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The Moscow Patriarchate criticized the decision, expressing confidence that in the Orthodox world they were “going” recognize the new church, its head. “The schismatics chose a schismatic”, — said the press secretary of the Patriarch of Moscow and All Russia Kirill, priest Alexander Volkov. He argued that for the ROC “this event means absolutely nothing.

The ROC also announced the “zero” canonical meaning of what happened. “There was one Metropolitan of Kyiv in Ukraine— Onufry, remains so,»,— insisted Vladimir Legoyda, head of the synodal department of the Moscow Patriarchate for relations between the church, society and the media, in an interview with RBC.

to unite everyone, including those around the authorities.

In early May, during a service in the main temple of the Armed Forces, he said that the fate of Russia depends on military duty and how much “his soul, according to the commandment of God you are able to put. At the same time, he denied accusations of the militaristic nature of his statements. «nonsense all this»— Kirill emphasized.

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General Shamanov called one of the main mistakes in the operation in Ukraine

According to Shamanov, the demilitarization of Ukraine could take 5 to 10 years. If this task is not completed and a government “not stained with the Nazis” is not formed, Russia will not need Ukraine as part of it, he said

Vladimir Shamanov

One of the mistakes of the Russian army was the expectation that she will be greeted with flowers in Ukraine, but this component has already been overcome, said the deputy head of the State Duma Committee on the Development of Civil Society, Colonel-General and ex-commander of the Airborne Forces Vladimir Shamanov, in an interview with journalist Oksana Kravtsova on YouTube.

< p>As Shamanov noted, in Ukraine, many military universities have been preserved since Soviet times, which are available in almost every region. According to him, this allowed the country to preserve the so-called school, “the basis of the revival of the army.”

“Therefore, those who expected that we [in Ukraine] would be met with flowers, this is one of the main mistakes which we felt very keenly in the first five days [of the special operation]. Today we have already overcome this component, but there is still a lot to be done, — said the colonel general.

What awaits Ukraine after the special operation is now difficult to predict, he continued. According to Shamanov, “demilitarization” countries in parallel with the “denazification” may take five to ten years. Also in Ukraine, it will be difficult “to form a government that has not soiled itself with these neo-Nazis,” he noted.

If these two conditions are not met, Russia will not need Ukraine, Shamanov said in response to a question, Did he see Ukraine as part of Russia.

The Russian military special operation has been taking place in Ukraine since February 24. President Vladimir Putin declared its goals to be the demilitarization and “denazification” of of the neighboring state, as well as protecting the population of Donbass from “genocide”.

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In Ukraine, after the start of a special operation, martial law was introduced. His terms were extended several times, last time— until 23 August. General mobilization has also been announced in the country.

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The Italian Embassy explained the suspension of the acceptance of documents for visas

The suspension of acceptance of documents for Italian visas from Russians who have not paid the consular fee is due to a lack of staff and problems with banking transactions, the Italian ambassador explained

The restriction of the work of Italian visa centers in Russia is temporary due to the suspension of regular of the working hours of the country's consulates general and with the sanctions of the Russian Central Bank, said Italian Ambassador to Russia Giorgio Starace in a conversation with Kommersant.

The Ambassador recalled that Moscow expelled Italian diplomats, including the Consul General, and the Bank of Russia imposed sanctions on the Russian “daughter” Italian banking group Intesa Sanpaolo— Bank “Intesa”, which services transactions related to the payment of the consular fee.

Now those who have previously paid the consular fee can apply for an Italian visa.

RBC sent a request to the embassy Italy in Moscow.

Earlier, the Italian visa centers VMS and AlmavivA reported that they could not accept documents from persons who had not paid the consular fee “due to the temporary impossibility of the Intesa bank ; accept and process payments for the payment of the consular fee».

Forbes and The Bell, citing sources, reported that on May 24, the Central Bank of Russia banned Intesa Bank from serving Italian companies and individuals for a year, and also limited operations for the Italian Consulate General “due to unfriendly” actions of the United States and those who joined them foreign states».

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On May 18, the Russian Foreign Ministry announced the expulsion of 24 Italian diplomats as a retaliatory measure. In early April, Italy declared 30 Russian diplomats persona non grata. The Foreign Ministry explained that the decision was made “in agreement with the partners”; and for “national security reasons”.

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The Ministry of Foreign Affairs ruled out the use of fuel from the Zaporozhye nuclear power plant for nuclear weapons

Although no materials were found at the Zaporizhzhya NPP that could be used to create nuclear weapons, Moscow still considers it justified to take it under control

Zaporozhye NPP

Fuel reserves at the Zaporozhye NPP can hardly be used to create nuclear weapons, Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova said at a briefing.

The day before, IAEA experts provided data showing that 30 tons of plutonium and 40 tons of enriched uranium are stored at the Zaporozhye NPP. IAEA Director General Mariano Grossi said that the organization's specialists want to visit the nuclear power plant for verification.

Zakharova stressed that “the data on allegedly 30 tons of plutonium at ZNPP require at least clarification.” According to her, nuclear materials remained at nuclear power plants in the form of fuel, including those already loaded into reactors, as well as spent nuclear fuel (SNF) unloaded into on-site storage facilities.

“Uranium is low-enriched, and the plutonium in SNF cannot be separated without the use of rather complex facilities that exist in only a few countries in the world, and also, due to its isotopic composition, it can hardly be used to create nuclear weapons,” & mdash; noted Zakharova.

Despite this, Zakharova emphasized that Moscow considers taking control of the Zaporozhye nuclear power plant by Russian forces justified. “At the same time, we again emphasize the justification for the Russian military to take under the protection of the ZNPP from the point of view of preventing leaks of nuclear and radioactive materials at a nuclear facility located in the zone of a special operation,” — she said.

Ukrainian “Energoatom” previously also called the data on tens of tons of radioactive substances, including plutonium, at the station, “stuffing”. “Neither uranium nor plutonium, which could be used for military purposes, has been stored and is not stored [at the ZNPP]. And stored— fuel assemblies, but this is a completely different story, and it has the name & mdash; nuclear fuel. Which, of course, is available at all nuclear power plants in the world, & mdash; assured in Energoatom.

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Zaporozhye NPP— the largest nuclear power plant in Europe. It is located in the city of Energodar. On February 28, four days after the start of the military operation in Ukraine, the Russian Ministry of Defense announced that the territory of the Zaporizhzhya nuclear power plant had been taken under control. In early March, a fire broke out near the nuclear power plant. As the Russian Ministry of Defense later claimed, on the night of March 4, “Ukrainian sabotage groups” attacked a patrol of the National Guard.

On February 19, President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky, during a speech at a security conference in Munich, said that in the absence of security guarantees for Kyiv, the country would abandon the Budapest Memorandum, which provided for Ukraine's renunciation of nuclear weapons. The possibility of developing nuclear weapons in Ukraine was called one of the existing threats by the Russian authorities. On May 24, Russian Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu, commenting on the reasons for the start of hostilities by Russian troops in Ukraine, said that there was “a real threat of Ukraine creating nuclear weapons and their delivery vehicles.”

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Macron called on Erdogan to respect the decision of Sweden and Finland to join NATO

The decision to join NATO is the “sovereign choice” of Sweden and Finland, Macron said during a conversation with Erdogan. He expressed hope that an agreement would be found and Turkey would lift its veto soon .jpg” alt=”Macron urged Erdogan to respect the decision of Sweden and Finland to join NATO” />

Emmanuel Macron

It is necessary to “respect the sovereign choice” Sweden and Finland to join NATO, French President Emmanuel Macron said during a telephone conversation with his Turkish counterpart Recep Tayyip Erdogan. This is reported by BFM TV with reference to the message of the Elysee Palace.

During a conversation with Erdogan, Macron expressed the hope that the “solution” about the lifting of the Turkish veto will be found soon.

“The President of the Republic stressed the importance of respecting the sovereign choice of these two countries, which has become the result of a democratic process and a response to changes in their security,”— says the message from the Elysee Palace.

Sweden and Finland applied to join NATO on 18 May. They explained their decision by changes in the security sphere after the start of the Russian military special operation in Ukraine. Both Sweden and Finland stressed that such a step is not directed against Russia and they are doing this only to ensure their own security.

In order for Sweden and Finland to join NATO, the applications must be considered and approved by the remaining 30 countries— alliance members. However, Turkey has already opposed their membership. Erdogan accused Sweden and Finland of providing asylum to members of organizations recognized as terrorist by Ankara, in particular the Kurdistan Workers' Party (PKK), and also noted that both countries imposed sanctions against the republic.

Turkey demands that Sweden and Finland “stopped supporting terrorists” and wants to make a written agreement with them. The document will include the recognition of the PKK and its branches as terrorist, the refusal to admit members of the organization to the parliaments of the two countries, as well as the acceleration of the procedure for extradition of “terrorists”; at Ankara's request, Sabah wrote.

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The day before, on May 25, the delegations of Turkey, Sweden and Finland held talks in Ankara. Turkey conveyed its demands to them and “made it clear” that there would be no progress in the process of the two countries' accession to NATO until these demands were met, said presidential spokesman Ibrahim Kalyn.

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Blinken announced the creation of China House in the State Department

We are talking about a team in the Foreign Ministry, which will coordinate policy on China-related issues. Biden during the Asian tour said that the United States is ready to respond with force in the event of an attempt to seize Taiwan 756535734828904.jpg” alt=”Blinken announced the creation of China House at the State Department” />

Anthony Blinken

The US State Department will create a new China House structure to coordinate and implement policy towards China. This, according to The Hill, is stated in a speech on Washington's policy towards Beijing, which will be delivered by US Secretary of State Anthony Blinken.

“I am determined to provide our ministry and our diplomats with the tools necessary to resolve this task as part of my modernization program, & mdash; Blinken said. According to him, this program includes the creation of China House— a State Department-wide team that will coordinate and implement the administration's policy on all issues and regions in China.

As The Washington Post notes, Blinken was scheduled to give his speech at George Washington University before President Joe Biden's trip to Asia on May 20-24, but postponed due to his positive test for coronavirus.

At a meeting with Japanese Prime Minister Fumio Kishida as part of the tour, Biden said that the United States was ready for a military response to a possible China's use of force against Taiwan. He also added that Washington has a “one-China policy,” but that does not give Beijing the right to use force. The Chinese Foreign Ministry expressed dissatisfaction with Washington's statement and urged to observe the “one China” principle.

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Medvedev announced the need to change the United Russia program

The chairman of the party explained that the program should be reviewed against the background of the changed situation and a number of its positions should be “conformed to what is happening”

The people's program of “United Russia”, with which she won the elections held in September, needs to be updated due to the situation that has changed after February 24, party chairman Dmitry Medvedev said at a meeting with the presidium of the faction in the State Duma.

He stressed that the people's program of “United Russia” & mdash; not a “dogma” but a “living document.”

“We need to see what has stood the test of time and what has become less relevant. Circumstances have changed. A number of positions need to be adjusted to what is happening. We must fulfill our obligations as carefully as possible— these are essential things for our people,»,— Medvedev said.

He called on all those present at the meeting to take part in the modernization of certain provisions of the program.

In the elections to the State Duma of the VIII convocation, “United Russia” won first place, gaining 49.82% of the vote during the voting on party lists and retaining a constitutional majority. Party deputies took 324 mandates. In addition to the ruling party, deputies from the Communist Party of the Russian Federation (57 mandates), A Just Russia— For the truth” (27 mandates), LDPR (21 mandates) and New People (13 mandates). Representatives of the “Civil Platform”, the Party of Growth and “Motherland” received one seat each, five more deputies were nominated as self-nominees.

Published on the website of “United Russia” the national program involves changes in seven areas: social support, support for families with children, medicine, housing and communal services, education and science, transport, culture.

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According to it, for example, all social payments and benefits will be protected from possible write-off by banks, pay increases for teachers, doctors, military personnel, families with two or more children will be exempted from income tax and real estate tax if they buy new housing during the year.

Except In addition, in the “United Russia” intended to achieve 100% availability of primary health care, including eliminating queues for appointments with doctors, as well as transferring 500 mobile medical complexes and 5 thousand ambulances to the regions within two years, improving living conditions for 5 million people annually, completing complete gasification of all regions by 2030, construction of 1.3 thousand new schools by the end of 2024, allocation of 50 billion rubles. to the public transport renewal program.

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Dodon arrested for 30 days

Former Moldovan President Igor Dodon was placed under house arrest for 30 days. The corresponding decision was made by the Cecan court, NewsMaker reports.

Thus, the court partially granted the petition of the Anti-Corruption Prosecutor Petru Yarmalyuk to arrest Dodon.

“Today [May 26] Dodon 09:00 [coincides with Moscow time] I was going to go abroad. Large sums in foreign currency were found, which indicates that he intended to leave the territory of the Republic of Moldova,— he said (quote from point.md).

The material is being supplemented.

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The Bank of Russia lowered the key rate to 11% per annum

The head of the Ministry of Economic Development, Reshetnikov, called for a return to the previous equilibrium exchange rate of the ruble

The key rate was reduced by 3% by the decision of the Central Bank of the Russian Federation and now stands at 11%.

Such a decision was made against the backdrop of the strengthening of the ruble against the dollar and the euro and a slowdown in price growth, which reduced the risks of financial stability.

Recall that, according to estimates on May 20, annual inflation slowed down and amounted to 17.5%.

< p>Moreover, it is expected to decrease to 5.0-7.0% in 2023 and return to 4% in 2024. This is influenced by monetary policy.

It is also noted that in the coming weeks, another key rate cut is allowed at an extraordinary meeting.

Meanwhile, the head of the Ministry of Economic Development Reshetnikov called for a return to the previous equilibrium ruble exchange rate, as the current exchange rate and its forecast are a long-term problem.

He explained that the effective exchange rate of the ruble is 40% stronger than the average over the past five years. And this represents a serious challenge for the domestic producer, since with the gradual restoration of external supply channels, he will increasingly feel the pressure of imports, compete with them and lose.

At the same time, if the current ruble exchange rate is maintained, Russian business will not be able to develop import substitution projects, as there will be no competitiveness.

Earlier, Topnews wrote that pensions, the cost of living and the minimum wage will be increased by 10% in Russia from June 1.

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Mash: Britain tricked sanctioned billionaires Fridman and Aven into transferring €150 million to Ukraine

Russian oligarchs tried to avoid sanctions.

Russian businessmen could not escape the sanctions even after giving charity to Ukrainian refugees. The British authorities abandoned the promise after Mikhail Fridman and Petr Aven transferred 150 million euros to Ukraine.

The details of the case are reported by the Mash Telegram channel.

According to them, Fridman and Aven were advised to donate money to Ukraine after the sanctions. This would allegedly help them lift the restrictions.

After the transfer to Ukrainian refugees, the head of the Association of Jewish Organizations of Ukraine addressed the EU authorities. He asked to stop persecuting philanthropists.

The funds of Russian oligarchs were even unfrozen specifically for charity. And then they froze again.

Aven, among other things, was also “awarded” with a criminal case, arresting his collection of art objects.

In addition, insiders report that the billionaires were denied a one-time trip to the continent – otherwise they will be imprisoned.

“In the final, the head of the Canadian Ministry of Finance commented on the situation: assistance to Ukraine was a personal initiative of the bankers, they were not pressured “, – write on the Web.

As Topnews wrote earlier, the head of the board of directors of Alfa-Bank, Pyotr Aven, came under criminal prosecution after it turned out that he “does not live on his own money.”

The sanctioned businessman is spending heavily, despite frozen accounts.

Bloomberg reports that the search at Petr Aven's house has already passed. They found 30 thousand pounds sterling ($37,754) in cash from him, the money was confiscated.

The British authorities are also studying money transfers from businessmen – those that he made to the UK after the start of the Russian special operation in Ukraine. Part of the money Aven could transfer to the company that manages his real estate.

So far, no official charges have been brought against Petr Aven.

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The work of the crews of attack helicopters Ka-52 during a special operation in Ukraine

According to the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation, during the course of combat missions, the crews of Russian Ka-52 helicopters attacked the command post and armored vehicles of the Armed Forces of Ukraine with aviation missiles. Air strikes were launched from a distance of more than 5 kilometers.

In the course of a special operation in Ukraine, army aviation performs the tasks of escorting columns, destroying armored vehicles, delivering troops, military cargo, air support for units performing tasks within the framework of a special operation.< /p>

© Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation

© Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation

© Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation

© Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation

© Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation

© Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation

© Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation

© Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation

© Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation

© Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation

© Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation

© Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation

© Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation

© Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation

© Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation

© Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation

© Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation

© Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation

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Google fined 7.7 billion rubles

Bailiffs have collected fines from Google for 7.7 billion rubles, information about them has been removed from the FSSP database, according to data on the department’s website.

According to RIA Novosti, only one enforcement proceeding of a non-property nature has now been opened for the company. 

Earlier it was reported that the “daughter” Google began bankruptcy proceedings due to the arrest of its bank account. At the same time, the company promised that free services would be available to Russian users. Among them are YouTube and Gmail.

Earlier, the court imposed a turnover fine on Google in the amount of 7.2 billion rubles for not removing information prohibited in the Russian Federation. In May, the Moscow Arbitration Court seized all assets & nbsp; the Russian division of Google with a total value of 500 million rubles.

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When will the exam in history take place?

In 2022, the exam in physics will be held on June 6. The exam will be taken by 122,000 people. All questions related to the USE that may arise, graduates and their parents can ask Rosobrnadzor specialists by calling the hotline: +7 (495) 984-89-19.

What changes have been made to the USE in history? 

The following changes have been made to the USE in history this year: 

– removed task number 6 (establishing a correspondence between historical fragments and brief characteristics), as well as task number 7 — on knowledge of the facts, task number 10 — identification of the author by passage, assignment No. 22 — question on the text and task number 23 — explanation of the historical event;

– tasks No. 3 and No. 4 (work with historical terms) were transformed into task No. 18, in which it is now necessary to describe the concept in detail and give an example;

– task 11 (inserting missing items into the table) was replaced by task 4, which will not include questions on foreign history;

– task No. 15 (determining historical events on the map) was replaced with task No. 10, in which you need to study the diagram and enter the missing word in the text;

– tasks No. 18 and No. 19, in which it was required to give short answers based on a picture, now became tasks No. 14 and No. 15, in which it is already necessary to give detailed answers, having studied the brand and image of a cultural monument;

– task No. 8 (inserting missing elements into the text) was removed and instead a new task No. 16 was included, in which you need to read historical passages on the topic of the Great Patriotic War and answer a few questions;

A new task No. 17 also appeared , in which it is necessary to determine the consequences of a historical event, and task No. 24 is now listed as No. 19, it has been finalized: material has been added on the history of foreign countries and the number of arguments has been reduced to two.

How many tasks are there? 

The exam in history consists of two parts: in the first you need to give a short answer, in the second — expanded. There are 19 tasks in total.

What is the minimum number of USE scores?

In 2022, the minimum score is — 35.

How long is the exam? 

Previously, the exam lasted 3 hours 55 minutes, in 2022 — exactly 3 hours (180 min.).

Where and when can I find out the results of the USE?

Participants of the USE in 2022 will be able to view their results on the Unified Portal of Public Services. To do this, go to the section “Documents”, subsection “Education”. Also, the service for familiarizing with the results of the USE on the website of Rosobrnadzor — checkege.rustest.ru

The USE result will be available on June 20. 

Sources:< /strong>




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Why did the FSB detain Stanislav Matyukhin, the grandson of the first head of the Bank of Russia?

On Wednesday, May 25, employees of the Ministry of Internal Affairs and the FSB detained in Moscow the grandson of the first chairman of the Bank of Russia Georgy Matyukhin — 36-year-old Stanislav Matyukhin. About This is reported by “Kommersant”. Matyukhin is charged with participation in an organized criminal community (OPS). Matyukhin, according to law enforcement agencies, served as the CEO of a “large financial pyramid” called  QBF, stole about 2 billion rubles from investors. 

How was the arrest of the grandson of the first head of the Central Bank Stanislav Matyukhin? 

It is reported that the businessman was detained on Wednesday morning, May 25, in his apartment on Kutuzovsky Prospekt. Moreover, as the publication notes, it is unlikely that the “visit” operatives came as a surprise to Matyukhin, since all of his colleagues have either already been arrested in the QBF case or are on the run. Previously, the suspect was in the status of a witness in the same case, and his apartment was searched twice, so this time the security forces did not repeat these activities. 


What is Stanislav Matyukhin accused of? 

Now Matyukhin is charged with participation in an organized criminal community, inflicting heavy damage to investors in the amount of 2 billion rubles. It was he, according to law enforcement agencies, even after the flight abroad of the main beneficiary of the financial group QBF Roman Shpakovconvinced depositors that they had nothing to worry about. Fundraising continued until the company's license was revoked.

 What did the defendants invest money in?

According to investigators, the organizers of the financial pyramid, instead of the promised investment in serious financial projects, “were taken offshore,” the newspaper writes. Then the defendants in the case invested their assets in the purchase of shares, real estate, expensive cars and other things. Some of them (about 1 billion rubles) have already been arrested by the court. 

Is it true that Anastasia Volochkova turned out to be one of           company's investors?

Yes, truth. The ballerina, according to Kommersant, invested about 3 million rubles in QBF . Of these, Matyukhin returned only 500 thousand rubles to Prima, hoping that the Russian ballet star, thanks to his connections, would help unblock the company's accounts in the regions. But she refused this request, after which the company's employees stopped contacting her. The remaining amount of the ballerina was not returned. Matyukhin advised Volochkova to discuss further issues with  the beneficiary of the financial group Shpakov.

 What is known about Stanislav Matyukhin? 

It is reported that before being appointed CEO of QBF in 2017 Matyukhin worked for the Federal Financial Markets Service. Later — at the Central Bank, where he dealt with the regulation of the activities of financial organizations and supervised QBF, «» reports. 

The suspect does not admit his guilt. According to him, he was always “trying” to save a sinking ship. and allegedly did not carry out any theft of funds in the company. However, according to the newspaper, Matyukhin bought an apartment on Kutuzovsky Prospekt while being an employee of QBF.   



https ://www.kommersant.ru/doc/5080231  

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What are the primary and test scores of the USE?

According to the results of passing the exam, students receive the result in the form of primary and test scores. The methodology for their determination is established by the order of Rosobrnadzor No. 1122-10 dated July 16, 2019.

 What are primary scores?

The primary score is a preliminary score for the Unified State Examination. It is set in total for all completed tasks. Each USE task is evaluated by a different number of primary points — from 1 to 25 — depending on the complexity.

The maximum number of primary points that can be obtained for the exam is from 20 to 100 —  depending on the subject.  

What are test scores?

The test score is — the final score that is set in the USE certificate and taken into account when entering a university. It is formed as a result of the transfer of the primary score to a hundred-point system according to a specially developed algorithm. For example, the minimum number of primary USE scores in the Russian language for obtaining a certificate is — 10. It corresponds to 24 test scores (on a 100-point scale). 

The exception is the USE in basic mathematics, which is taken by students who are not going to enter a university or choose a specialization not related to mathematics. In this subject, the primary scores are converted into an assessment not according to a hundred-point, but according to a five-point system. To obtain a certificate, you need to get at least “3” (unsatisfactory) — this grade is given for 3-7 primary points scored.

Source: https://obrnadzor.gov.ru/

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When will the exam in physics take place?

In 2022, the exam in physics will be held on June 6. The exam will be taken by 122,000 people. All questions related to the USE that may arise, graduates and their parents can ask Rosobrnadzor specialists by calling the hotline: +7 (495) 984-89-19. 

What changes have been made to the USE in physics? 

This year there are no indications of the number of correct answers in the exam, previously it was necessary to find two. Also removed the task of astronomy and astrophysics. In addition, this year it is necessary to explain the choice of a physical model, on the basis of which the examinee makes calculations. In addition, USE participants are offered two lines of tasks, which include topics from several sections of science.

How many tasks are there? 

There are 30 tasks in total (was 32). The most significant task — No. 30, for the correct completion of which you can get 4 primary points.

What is the minimum number of USE points?

In 2022, the minimum score threshold has not changed compared to with the previous academic year. The USE participant needs to score 39 points.

How long is the exam? 

The USE in physics lasts 3 hours 55 minutes (235 minutes).

Where and when can I find out the USE results?

USE 2022 participants will be able to view their results on the Unified Public Services Portal. To do this, go to the section “Documents”, subsection “Education”. The service for getting acquainted with the results of the USE on the website of Rosobrnadzor — checkege.rustest.ru.

The USE result will be available on June 20.


https://www. garant.ru/hotlaw/federal/1413014/


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What is the system for transferring USE scores in 2022?

On May 26, the main stage of the Unified State Examination (USE) began. Students need to score a minimum number of points to receive a certificate and to apply to universities. The methodology for determining such points is established by the order of Rosobrnadzor No. 1122-10 dated July 16, 2019 & nbsp;

What scores do they get on the USE?

According to the results of passing the USE, students receive primary and test scores.

The primary score — is the preliminary score of the Unified State Examination. It is set for all completed tasks (each task has its own score — depending on the complexity). The more correctly completed tasks, the higher will be the primary score in the subject.

Test score — final USE score. It is set as a result of the transfer of the primary score to a hundred-point or five-point system. The translation takes place according to a specially developed scale. The test score is set in the USE certificate and is taken into account when entering a university.

What are the minimum scores you need to score to get a certificate?

To obtain a certificate, graduates pass two mandatory exams: in Russian and mathematics. For those who are not going to enter the university, these items are enough. For admission to a university, you need to take other subjects of your choice.

The minimum number of USE scores in 2022, confirming the mastery of the school curriculum.


Minimum Primary Score

Minimum test score (100 points)




Profile Level Math



If a graduate is not going to enter a university or chooses a specialization not related to mathematics, it is enough for him to pass the USE in mathematics at the basic level. It differs from the profile one in simpler tasks, and the results from the primary points are translated not into a hundred-point, but into a five-point grading system. To get a certificate, you need to score at least 7 points.

Scale for the conversion of USE scores in basic mathematics in 2022.

Primary score

Five-point grade

< tr>


“2” (poor)


“3” (satisfactory)


“4” (good)


“5” (excellent)

How many minimum USE scores are required to enter a university?

By order of Rosobrnadzor, minimum passing scores for admission to a university for a bachelor's or specialist's degree have been established. However, each university can change them upwards.

The minimum number of USE scores in 2022 required to enter universities.


Minimum Primary Score

Minimum Test Score (100 points)




Profile Level Math









Foreign languages ​​(English, German, French, Spanish)



Informatics and ICT












Social Studies



< td style="width:169px;height:8px;">



< /td>





Universities under the jurisdiction of the Ministry of Education set a higher threshold. The minimum passing scores for such universities are specified in the order of the Ministry of Science and Higher Education No. 713 of 08/05/2021.

The minimum number of USE scores in 2022 required for admission to universities subordinate to the Ministry of Education and Science.


Minimum test score (100 points)

< /th>











Computer Science and Information and Communication Technology


Foreign language










< /table>


https://obrnadzor.gov.ru/wp-content/uploads/2022/04/metodika-shkalirovaniya-s-izmeneniyami- 2022-goda.pdf


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When will the results of the exam become known and where can I see them?

On Thursday, May 26, the main stage of passing the exam-2022 began. On this day, students take exams in geography, literature and chemistry. The main period for passing the exam will last until June 21 inclusive. Reserve days for passing the exam will start on June 23 and end on July 2.  

For how long will the results be known and where you can see them — in the help of AiF.ru.

When will the results of the USE-2022 be known?

As a rule, from the moment of passing the exam to the publication of the results, it takes from 7 to 14 days, writes "KP". Subjects such as Russian language and  mathematics require more time to process. However, often the results become known much faster.

Thus, according to the letter of Rosobrnadzor  No. 10-141 dated 04/18/2022, the results will be published no later than these dates:

·        June 10 (geography, literature, chemistry);

·      &nbsp ; June 17 (Russian of May 30 and 31);

·        June 20 (mathematics of profile and basic level);

·        June 22 (history, physics);

·         June 24 (social studies);

·        June 29 (biology);

·        4 July (foreign languages ​​written and oral, computer science and ICT (KEGE).

Reserve exam results:

·       &nbsp ;July 7 (Russian);

·        July 8 (geography, literature);

·         July 11 (mathematics basic and profile levels);

·        July 13 (foreign languages ​​orally and in writing, biology, chemistry, social studies, history, physics and computer science and ICT (KEGE);

·        July 15 (all subjects except computer science and ICT (KEGE).

How are the USE results processed?  < /h2>

The processing of results takes place in several stages. First, all data from the forms are transferred to the Regional Information Processing Centers. Verification of the results, as a rule, should not exceed six calendar days. Moreover, optional items are checked much faster — within four days. This is due to the fact that schoolchildren pass less elective subjects than compulsory ones.

After that, the processed results are sent to the Federal Testing Center for further verification. This takes another five calendar days.

Then all the results are sent to centralized verification at the Federal Testing Center. It takes up to 5 calendar days.

The penultimate stage is — approval of the results by State Examination Commission. This will take one day. And only then they are transferred to a single database of USE results.

Where and how can I find out the USE results?

You can find out about the USE results by going to:

  • the website of the Mayor of Moscow — mos.ru ;
  • portal of public services;
  • portal of the Unified State Exam.

After that, you must enter your full name, passport data or the USE registration code.


https://www.mos.ru/answer-obrazovanie/kak-uznat-rezultaty-ege-oge-i-gve/< /p>


https://www.kp.ru/putevoditel/ege/rezultaty -ege/

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Is being understood a right or a duty?

“Argumenty i Fakty” weekly, No. 21. Got it from Azovstal 25/05/2022

The cops approached the street  understood. He refused, and is now worried. Are there any consequences?

— If you don't want to be understood, you can safely refuse, — advised by lawyer Vadim Tkachenko.     If the police insist, refer to Article 60 of the Code of Criminal Procedure of the Russian Federation, where nothing is said about what  — the duty of every citizen.

Also, the policeman who comes up with such a proposal is obliged to explain to you the rights and duties. Keep in mind: after the end of all events and the signing of the protocol, you may again be involved in such participation an unlimited number of times.

You will not be able to avoid attendance. Thus, you need to immediately think carefully about whether you want to become understood. And it it is especially important not to sign those written documents whose design you haven seen.

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Medvedev urged to get rid of the “birthmarks” of the bureaucracy

Deputy Chairman of the Security Council of the Russian Federation Dmitry Medvedev urged to get rid of “birthmarks” bureaucracy and administrative oppression in the economy. He made such a statement during the United Russia forum. “Entrepreneurship in the new economic reality,” TASS reports.

“Now these excessive administrative procedures are simply disastrous,” he stressed.

According to him, the bureaucracy in Russia has deep roots, it is difficult to fight against it, and everyone knows about it: both “those who are engaged in business” and “those who belong to this very bureaucracy.”

Medvedev called on his party colleagues do your best to  simplify administrative procedures.

“Otherwise, we will not be able to withstand the avalanche of sanctions that hit our country,” Medvedev noted.

Earlier, Dmitry Medvedev said that the country faces challenges related to ensuring technological sovereignty. He also proposed to raise the issue of a new procedure for the development and approval of the forecast for the scientific and technological development of Russia.

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Two shares together. The last bell and the “Garden of Memory” were held by schoolchildren

Graduates of Russian schools decided to commemorate the heroes of the Great Patriotic War. On the day of the last call, they also held the “Garden of Memory” campaign. It has become a good tradition among the students. Indeed, 80 years ago, in fact, their peers went straight from school to the front. 

One of the main events took place in the capital's school No. 354 — here the garden became a memory of the students and teachers who took part in WWII. Among them are Heroes of the Soviet Union Evgeny Menshutin and Alexander Lukyanov, as well as Fedor Kharchevin and Dmitry Karbyshev, whose name the school bears.

“This is an action that holds a single thread of memory about the heroes who defended our people during the Great Patriotic War, when our multinational and multi-confessional people suffered hard trials. This test was passed by great people who made our future and present possible. These trees will become a symbol of memory that makes us citizens of our country and real people, — said First Deputy Minister of Education of the Russian Federation Alexander Bugaev, who arrived to congratulate the graduates on the holiday and took part in the planting.

Victor Grigoryevich Tarasov, a veteran of the Great Patriotic War, became the guest of honor of the event. He noted that children are anxious about their history and the memory of their ancestors. 

“I have been working here for 15 years, even more. I have always seen and felt the attitude towards the memory of heroes. Here they honor their great memory. This promotion — it is a continuation of the love that has protected us and our country. We are proud of them, and we are fulfilling this mission, », — Viktor Tarasov said.

According to its organizers, the action, which is taking place throughout Russia, has not only an important patriotic significance and symbolizes the continuity of generations. It also performs an ecological function. Preserving the memory of their ancestors, young people learn to take care of nature. 

“We see with what gratitude and awe the students pay tribute to the memory of the heroes of the Great Patriotic War, and what great interest they have in the process of planting trees.  Memory Garden at School — this is not only about memory, it is also about environmental education and the development of the school forestry system. Such an integrated approach allows schoolchildren to develop a sense of responsibility for themselves and our nature, to improve the ecology of Russia every day, — underlined General Director of ANO “Garden of Memory” Olga Stepchenko.

Also, school No. 1601 named after Hero of the Soviet Union Yevgeny Kuzmich Lyutikov. Three times wounded, Lyutikov blew himself up and the enemies surrounding him with the last grenade. In memory of him and other heroes of the Great Patriotic War, graduates, along with teachers and veterans, planted arborvitae.

“Today we are honored to plant trees. We will plant each of them with the thought that someone shed his blood during the Great Patriotic War, gave his life for us to be a strong and powerful state today. Each of us carries a piece of the heart of our hero», — said principal of school No. 1601 Victoria Kolesnichenko.

We also planted trees in the school yard on Vernadsky Avenue. One of them is dedicated to a resident of the Troparyovo-Nikulino area Batov Mikhail Lukich. He went to the front on June 23, 1941, leaving his wife and young children at home. Mikhail Batov served in the infantry, participated in military operations in the first two years of the war, and also worked as a driver. He went missing in 1942.

The “Garden of Memory” was also laid. and in Bashkortostan. It appeared near the school named after Rustem Abzalov. Graduates dedicated trees to fellow countrymen — participants of the Great Patriotic War: Muvarak Yusupov, who received the medals “For Courage”, “For the Liberation of Warsaw” and “For the Capture of Berlin”, to Nikolai Kalashnik, who was awarded the Orders of Lenin and the Patriotic War and awarded the medals “For the Liberation of Stalingrad”; and “For Military Merit, Mirgazit Farkhutdinov, Vasily Shibanovand many others.

The tradition was also supported by the students of the Arefinskaya secondary school in the Rybinsk district of the Yaroslavl region. Every year, the Alley of the Fallen is replenished here with one tree. Another garden was laid out by former schoolchildren together with teachers of secondary school No. 102 in Voronezh. Commemorative trees were planted in honor of nurses Clavdiya Rosinaand Alexandra Filimonova, who in total saved more than 150 wounded soldiers, as well as in memory of pioneer Yuri Pavlov >, who was only 13 years old when the war began.

Memorial trees are now in Buryatia. On the territory of school No. 52, reminders of patriotism and courage of the heroes of the Second World War will grow. Children in Orenburg also took part in the action of memory. Graduates of the Deminsk secondary school in the Ponomarevsky district planted trees, and not only in memory of those who died during the Great Patriotic War, & nbsp; but also about those who died during the special military operation in Ukraine. Among the guests of honor were children of the war, veterans and the widow of Captain Evgeny Alyabyov, who died in Ukraine on March 3 at the age of 31. 

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Fortified positions of the Armed Forces of Ukraine captured by paratroopers

According to the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation, during the advance of the advanced units of the Airborne Forces, well-fortified field positions of the Armed Forces of Ukraine were opened. Reconnaissance units and crews of complexes with unmanned aerial vehicles gave the coordinates of the detected positions to artillery means for delivering fire strikes.

During an artillery strike from artillery pieces and mortars, the enemy suffered losses and, in direct contact with airborne units, abandoned their positions and retreated.

© Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation

© Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation

© Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation

© Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation

© Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation

© RF Ministry of Defense

© Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation

© Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation

© Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation

© Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation

© Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation

© RF Ministry of Defense

© Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation

© Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation

© Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation

© Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation

© Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation

© Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation Estimated reading time: less than a minute

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Volunteer time. The acceptance of applications for participation in the #MYVMESTE award continues

Story National projects

Acceptance of applications for participation in the international award #MYVESTE continues — it will last until June 12th. The award is aimed at supporting volunteer activities, as well as social projects aimed at helping people and improving their quality of life. In addition, this focus is in line with the goals and objectives of the national project “Education”, in which one of the key areas is the creation of conditions for the development and support of volunteerism, it is also volunteering. It is planned that in two years more than 7.5 million people will be involved in volunteer activities. 

The new season of the award provided for an increase in grants for laureates to 3.5 million rubles. In addition, the winners will have the opportunity to advance on leading media platforms, travel for free, participate in prestigious events, training programs, etc. 

Almost everyone who has their own social project is allowed to participate in the award. The application can be submitted by people over 14 years of age, NGOs, representatives of business and the media. There are 9 nominations covering all spheres of life. The number of applications is not limited. 

The first stage will be the regional — here participants will defend projects within their region. After, during the semi-finals, experts will evaluate the video cards of the contestants. And in the final, there will be a popular vote on the DOBROK.RF platform and the evaluation of the award jury. 

Among the winners will be 16 participants of the event, and among the laureates — 48. The announcement of the winners will take place within the framework of the International Civic Participation Forum, which will be held in December and will be timed to coincide with the International Volunteer Day. 

Grant fund of the award — 90 million rubles. He made the same amount last year. But this time, the amount of the maximum grant support for the winners has increased to 3.5 million rubles. At the same time, not only grants for winners increased, but grants for prize-winners under 18 years old also became larger — they amount to 1 million rubles. These funds can be directed to equipment, advertising, transportation, increase the production of — provide the project with many necessary resources.

Another award for all laureates — project promotion. This will help expand the audience, as well as the circle of partners and investors. Media support of the event will be provided by the partners of the award: ANO “National Priorities”, “Gazprom-Media Holding”, “National Media Group” and «Russian Mediagroup» — they will talk about initiatives on their resources. Also, the winners' initiatives will be included in a collection of best practices replication and distributed to resource centers and other NGOs, institutions and departments in all regions.

In addition, the winners' projects will be promoted at the largest Russian forums, including — at the International Civic Participation Forum #MYVMESTE. Here the authors will be able to talk about their initiatives in front of a wide audience.

Another prize of the award in the framework of the program “More than a trip” — free travel across Russia. It will be held with the support of another partner of the event — presidential platform “Russia — land of opportunity. The winners will be able to travel around Russia for free for several days, and the rest of the winners — in your federal district. Thanks to this, it will be possible not only to relax and gain impressions, but also to personally learn about social practices in other regions, find new partners, investors.

All winners of the award will be able to claim one of the most prestigious state awards — badge of distinction “For beneficence”. They are awarded for their great contribution to voluntary, charitable, social or scientific activities, to the development of culture, education, health care and strengthening the institution of the family. award nominations: “Volunteer of the Year”, “Person of the Year” and “Partnership of the Year”. These are prestigious statuses that project authors will receive for their contribution. “Volunteer of the Year” is awarded for personal contribution to the development of the volunteer movement in Russia. “Partnership of the Year” — for achieving mutually beneficial results with partners in the implementation of socially significant projects. “Person of the Year” — for a special contribution to the development of civil society, a culture of mutual assistance and charity in Russia.

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Yakut miracle. Startupers of Russia showed the best technological projects

In the innovation center “Skolkovo” the tenth international technological conference Startup village, the largest in Russia and the CIS, was held. It traditionally brought together founders of startups, mentors and investors, representatives of business, science, and authorities from all over Russia. The largest participant of the event was the Republic of Sakha (Yakutia).

Innovative developments

At the beginning of the conference, Head of the Republic of Sakha (Yakutia) Aisen Nikolaev.

“I am very glad that today, within the framework of the 10th anniversary exhibition Startup village, Yakutia is one of the main regions of participants. Of course, I consider this a recognition of the 10-year cooperation that we have with the Skolkovo Foundation. carried out. We always conducted it consistently, never shied away from right or left, depending on any proofreading. We consistently built up our information infrastructure in the republic with the full support of the fund. And the results that we have today in the republic in the development of innovations, in the development of technological start-ups, in my opinion, are also based on fruitful cooperation with the Skolkovo Foundation. This is not just money, but it is also competence, help, advice, this is the communication that allows startups to really become on the same level with the largest Russian and international startups. I am sure that everything will be fine in Yakutia in this direction. They are afraid that this process may slow down due to sanctions, but I believe that for regions like us, sanctions provide clear opportunities that must be used. I am doubly glad that this event is taking place within the framework of the centenary of our republic. And the path that it has traveled, from a region with 4% of the literate population to one of the most advanced highly developed regions of the Russian Federation, is just an indicator of what people's knowledge and talent can do with the right direction. I thank all the participants who represent Yakut startups. There are a lot of them, and from us came those of them who today are the most prepared to represent our country, », — said the head of the Republic of Sakha (Yakutia) Aisen Nikolaev.

Signing an agreement with Skolkovo. Photo: Website of the President of the Republic of Sakha (Yakutia)

This year, Yakutia presented its developments in a separate pavilion built in the form of a urasa. Here, 65 startups presented their projects in the field of high technologies. Among other things, projects for medicine and life in the extreme conditions of the North were shown. Among them: a fire-fighting system unique for Russia “Silvan”, all-wheel drive mini-loaders with increased cross-country ability “Batrak (Labor laborer)”; — winner of the Grand Prix of the Startup Tour 2022 in Yakutsk, “smart” clothing based on graphene and new nanomaterials, “Freeze Protect”, a skin protection product against frostbite, which includes cryoprojectors produced by insects in Yakutia.

Opening of the pavilion of Yakutia at the X international technology conference Startup Village. Photo: Website of the President of the Republic of Sakha (Yakutia)

Also, the company “Syberia” presented its product. — resident of the technopark “Yakutia”, who has developed a completely domestic integrated software for medical institutions, capable of automatically recognizing various pathologies using artificial intelligence.

Photo: Website of the President of the Republic of Sakha (Yakutia)

Symbol of friendship

Also, as part of the event, a solemn ceremony of installing the serge — ritual hitching post, which is a sacred hitching post, a symbol of Yakut hospitality and evidence of many years of friendship. Its installation is dedicated to the celebration of the 100th anniversary of the formation of the Yakut ASSR and the 10th anniversary of cooperation between Yakutia and the Skolkovo Foundation. 

“In commemoration of the 100th anniversary of our republic, here, in the center of the innovative development of our country, the Yakut serge appeared. I thank the Skolkovo Foundation for supporting our idea. For us, for the Sakha people, serge is not just some ordinary object, not just a hitching post, it is a sacred tree that unites all worlds. And, of course, where the serge is established, the spirit of our people is present. Therefore, I would like it to bring good luck not only to the Yakut startups that work in the center, but to the whole of Skolkovo, — emphasized the head of Yakutia.

Opening serge. Photo: Website of the President of the Republic of Sakha (Yakutia)

The secret of success

Aisen Nikolaev also answered a question from an AiF journalist: “Yakutia occupies a leading position in technological entrepreneurship both in the Far Eastern Federal District and in Russia as a whole. How did the republic manage to achieve this?»

«This is the result of a lot of work. Only with the “Skolkovo” we have been cooperating for 10 years. We have a number of other projects with the largest development institutions in our country. And, of course, we have always paid great attention to supporting and creating an innovative ecosystem. These start-ups would not have arisen if a serious system of development institutions had not been created in Yakutia, including a technology park and an IT park. A creative cluster is already being created and a venture company is operating, various accelerators and financial institutions are operating. In the form of a regional bank: “Almazergienbank”. We were one of the first in the country to have the Ministry of Digital Development and Innovation. All this together, with the right approach and organization, gives the result that is called the “Yakut innovative miracle”. In fact, this is the result of the painstaking work of hundreds of thousands of people, », — noted Aisen Nikolaev.

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High speed internet. Pre-5G is available to schoolchildren and students for free

For modern schoolchildren, the Internet — an important learning aid. And make it as fast as possible — means to help schoolchildren and students to improve the efficiency of preparing for exams. For example, MegaFon proposes to speed up mobile Internet by giving young people the opportunity to take advantage of the recently launched pre-5G option. This means that subscribers will receive an additional 50% to the speed of their mobile Internet.

Pupils and students already use the services of the operator on special conditions — any convenient tariff of the main line #Without Overpayments can be connected with a 20% discount. For the next month, these subscribers will be automatically connected to the new pre-5G option.

MegaFon was the first among Russian telecom operators to propose a new model for setting tariffs. Subscribers can choose a tariff based not only on its content (volume of included minutes, SMS and gigabytes), but also on the speed of mobile Internet. The average download speed in the network of a mobile operator is more than 50% higher than that of the nearest competitor, Ookla's research confirms the results of speed measurements by Russian users in the Speedtest application. The pre-5G option increases internet speed by up to 50%. With the new option, school and university students will be able to find information much faster and prepare for exams even more efficiently.

“We offer subscribers the fastest mobile Internet in Russia, maintaining leadership for the past five years. The unique frequency range and competent traffic management allow us to further speed up the Internet for those who really need it. In May-June, schoolchildren and students are intensively preparing for the Unified State Examination and summer sessions at universities, and we are happy to support them in this difficult and responsible period by providing access to the most modern technologies, — notes Pavel Tulubyev, commercial director of MegaFon.

At the end of the school year, users are much more interested in educational sites, including those designed to prepare for the exam, shows operator big data analysis. So, in March 2022, when the early wave of the Unified State Examination started, the volume of traffic on the most popular resources exceeded the figures for September last year by 102%, in April — by 80%. In May, this trend continues.

The top regions where students most actively visit educational sites are headed by Moscow and the Moscow Region. Dagestan confidently holds the second place. In the republic, wired Internet is not everywhere, and it is successfully replaced by mobile — this explains the high position in the ranking. Next in descending order of mobile traffic are the Samara region, Chechnya, Tatarstan, Bashkortostan, St. Petersburg, Krasnodar region, Volgograd region and Ingushetia.

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“We are against the distribution of grades.” Head of Rosobrnadzor Anzor Muzaev about the USE-2022

As the exam campaign begins, traditional questions also arise. Is it true that the tasks have become more difficult? How objective is the assessment of knowledge in the form of the USE? Can the Unified State Examination be canceled at all, since we are leaving the Bologna system? 

They were answered by Head of Rosobrnadzor Anzor Muzaev. 

Will they be canceled? USE?

During the transition to the Bologna model (studying at a university lasts 4 years — this is a bachelor's degree, after that you can take exams for a master's degree and study for another 2 years — Ed.), the USE model also appeared in Russia. But this is not connected with each other, the periods just coincided. If we abandon the Unified State Examination, how will we conduct an admission campaign to universities? Let's go back to the fact that each school conducts exams, and then each higher education institution conducts its own exams? Now applicants can simultaneously participate in the competition for admission to 5 universities. How can this be realized if they all hold their own exams? What if they are in different cities? The opportunity for the mass of graduates to try to enter different universities will immediately disappear.  

Our task is to return an objective assessment not only for the Unified State Exam, OGE, VPR, but that each current assessment in the diary should be objective! — Anzor Muzaev

Even proctoring (an online video monitoring system for a remote exam at a university – Ed.) will not help. After all, the mass of applicants for exams is huge — over 700 people. And everyone has to pass several exams. And if five more universities? It will take six months to conduct an admissions campaign. In countries where they tried to cancel the unified exams, the population came out to protest, up to rallies, because this restricts rights. Now, even if someone considered one task difficult, everyone immediately advocates its cancellation. Imagine, each university has its own tickets. We will listen to millions of complaints. We have been moving away from such a system for years. 

Therefore, before canceling, we must offer something in return. And this should have a lot of advantages in order to provide equal opportunities, increase the effectiveness of the admission campaign. If someone offers such an option, of course, everything will change. 

And points — honest? 

We have recently presented our rating of education quality assessment in the constituent entities of the Russian Federation. One of the — objectivity of the evaluation procedures. We were pleased with the rapidly changing picture. Our task — return an objective grade not only for the Unified State Examination, OGE, VPR, but so that each current grade in the diary is objective!

This is an indicator for the child and parents at what level the student is. And depending on this, the elimination of knowledge deficits, its further development, etc. is built. We see great dynamics. The number of subjects who pass the exam in grade 9 objectively, — overwhelming majority. This is important when children see that there are no cheating, no phones, all conditions are equal. And for the next two years they are diligently preparing for the exam. This is the motivation to acquire knowledge. And if the OGE is carried out formally, if only they were transferred to the 10th grade, it seems that it will be the same in the 11th grade. Then we see many sad stories. One of the — medalists. After the Ministry introduced by order the minimum thresholds for receiving medals, the number of medalists decreased by almost a third. During the covid years, the order was not valid, and the number of medalists increased by a third. Last year, the order again began to operate, again by a third of the medalists less. & nbsp; USE scores do not affect the grade in the certificate. But when it comes to medals — that is, restrictions: a medalist must pass mathematics and Russian language no lower than 70 points (basic mathematics — for five). 

We are against the distribution of grades and achievements. Everyone must be sure that if this is a medal, then this is a medal. If this is 90 points on the exam, then this is 90 points. No one should have any doubts. 

Will there be excellent students from the southern republics? 

Since 2013, there have been no abnormally high results in the southern republics. A system of public and video surveillance has been built, checking observers from other regions, including representatives of the Russian Youth Union, plus residents of this region, leave every year. In addition, we look at statistics all the time. In general, since 2014, there are no anomalies in any subject that would indicate that the results are unreliable and overestimated. You don't have to worry about this. 

Why take the exam if you don't go to university? 

The figures of the last two years show that about 10% of the guys take the exam to get a certificate (for this you need to write the required subjects — Russian language and mathematics — Ed.). And in the future, they do not rent more subjects of their choice. Although they can use the results of their exams within 4 years to enter a university. Therefore, if the State Duma passes such a law (to abolish the mandatory USE for those who do not go to universities — Ed.), And they have already done the “approach to the projectile” several times, then the Rosobrnadzor sees nothing wrong with this.

This year, due to foreign policy situations, there could be problems with consumables, cartridges, paper, the Internet, and equipment. All these issues have been worked out with each region, recommendations have been given, and we have leveled all the risks. — Anzor Muzaev

Should the tasks be changed?

Content changed last year. A new, practice-oriented task has entered. There was a lot of noise around this. Although we warned about it, the tasks were in the demo version. But many reacted superficially. As a result, the percentage of solving the problem in the country was low, not at all what we expected. This year the result is expected to be higher, teachers paid attention to it. 

Last year, we conducted computer science for the first time. There were no petitions and bursts of comments on assignments. There was a meaningful discussion on social networks, whether the tasks were too easy, maybe they should have been made more difficult. But we did not have the task of making computer science super-intricate and complex. The distribution of scores showed that it is not quite so easy. This year we will continue to pass computer science on the computer. 

How is the exam conducted? 

Technologically, we have practically brought the exam to perfection, it remains for the subjects to buy additional equipment and install it. In 2009, we started with envelopes in which the cherished KIMs were hidden (control and measuring materials, that is, USE assignments — Ed.). Tons of envelopes across the country were delivered to exam sites, then to information processing centers. Now exam tasks are transmitted over secure networks on the Internet, scans of papers are uploaded to the cloud, teachers are freed from getting materials and then delivering them… The exam has become high-tech. 

This year, due to the foreign policy situation, there could be problems with consumables, cartridges, paper, the Internet, and equipment. All these issues have been worked out with each region, recommendations have been given, and we have leveled all the risks.

Right now, our focus is on safety. Particular attention to the border areas — Kursk, Belgorod, Rostov, Voronezh regions. Colleagues from the Ministry of Internal Affairs assured that work is underway. 

As for epidemiological safety, the restriction on placing a limited number of children in the classroom has been lifted. Due to covid, seating was arranged at a distance of 1.5 meters. Telemetry, dispensers, cleaning — all this is preserved.

Is it true that exams have become more difficult?

Director of the Federal Institute of Pedagogical Measurements Oksana Reshetnikova:

We submit all changes for discussion and publish them on the website on the eve of September 1st. There will be no changes in May. Changes — does not equal complication. It's not right when people perceive the change of any task as its complication. 

This year the changes are minor. In profile mathematics, this year we removed the simplest tasks of the basic level, however, out of 18 tasks, only 3 have changed. This is for those who plan to connect their lives with universities where mathematics is the leading subject. 

The general trend is associated with an increase in tasks for the application of knowledge, the analysis of information in the form of tables, texts, diagrams, any information. These are detailed discussions that include conclusions, arguments, a conditional dialogue with the interlocutor explaining one's position based on theoretical material. 

For many years we have been struggling with the practice of coaching on ready-made answers, templates, the use of “golden essays” not only in the Russian language, but also in history, social science. Connected with this is the change in the subject of “history”, from which the historical work has disappeared. Gone was the social studies essay, which had also become a gold essay list. Expanded task changed — essay essay — in foreign languages. Now this is a task that relies on statistical data and suggests a reasonable detailed answer. 

The practice of algorithmization «do one, do two, three — will be a success — wrong, the school should teach to think, to apply the baggage of knowledge in any situation that will be contextually presented on the exam. To a lesser extent, we touch upon checking memory or recalling a definition or something else from memory, for the most part, a creative component is introduced when you can complete a task with some instruction. 

What subjects are most often chosen at the exam?

  • Russian — 96%;
  • basic math — 48%;
  • profile mathematics — 46%;
  • social studies — 45%;
  • biology — 19%;
  • computer science — 17%;
  • Physics — 17%;
  • history — 16%;
  • English — 15%;
  • chemistry — 13%;
  • literature — 8%;
  • geography — 3%.

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School on fists. Loud fights between students and teachers

On May 23, in the coastal village of Danube, a graduate got into a fight with teachers. A statement to the police was written by the mother of a 17-year-old girl. However, later the police received a counter-statement from the teachers as well.

“It was preliminary established that there had been a conflict between the applicants and the minor, which escalated into a fight,” — told Ekaterina Khabarova, Deputy Head of the Press Service of the Russian Ministry of Internal Affairs for Primorsky Krai, she clarified that all the details of the incident are now being established.

Ombudsman Olga Romanova told RIA Novosti about the reasons fights. As it turned out, it was a long-standing conflict, because of which the girl was transferred to another school a year ago. “The situation was not resolved by specialists, which caused a fight between a teenager and teachers,” — Romanova said.

AiF.ru recalls recent cases of fights between wards and teachers.

She beat her for a remark

In October, in Rybinsk, a student beat a teacher because of a remark. A 14-year-old schoolgirl violated discipline during a lesson. She reacted aggressively to the remarks of an elderly teacher.

After a skirmish, fists went into action — The student attacked the teacher. The woman even had to go to the emergency room. The teacher wrote a statement to the police.

In April, by decision of the Rybinsk City Court, the girl's parents were fined: they must pay moral compensation to the teacher in cash.

Sparring at the lesson

In February in Ulan-Ude there was a brawl between a geography teacher and a ninth grader. The woman tried to push the raging teenager out the door, but he did not want to leave the office until he took his things. The quarrel was caught on video. 

The teacher tried to forcibly push the student out. He, trying to escape from the teacher, almost hit her. At some point, the teacher hit the student on the head with a book. The battle continued, at one point the woman fell to the floor. She stood on her feet or was pushed — it's not clear from the video. The conflict lasted for several minutes. 

The situation was sorted out with the help of the school administration. As reported, the teacher and the student have no complaints against each other, both sides apologized, the boy understood everything. The teacher officially works at the school.

Nearly choked me

An art teacher at a school in Arkhangelsk almost strangled a student when she tried to break up a fight.

The incident happened back in the fall, but the video hit the Web only on February 18th. It shows how the teacher tightly holds the child by the collar, thereby almost suffocating. In turn, the student kicks his feet to loosen the teacher's grip. 

The boy's lawyer told 29.ru that the woman took the child out into the corridor and pressed him against the wall. The boy had a cross around his neck, which, due to a strong grip, squeezed his throat. After that, the child lost consciousness. According to the lawyer, the same boy suffered a compression fracture of the spine in 2018 as a result of an accident. A physical education teacher was named the culprit.

Revenge for the lack of a diploma

In Uzbekistan, at the last call, a graduate poured water on the headmaster in front of everyone. The incident was caught on video. The student of the school said that he did this because at the last call he was not given a “deserved” diploma.

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