New Year scandal: Zelensky and Kolomoisky secretly met in Bukovel

The president and the oligarch are carefully hiding the very fact of the meeting

President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelenskyy has gotten himself into yet another oligarchic scandal. It turned out that he spent the holidays at the hotel in the Radisson Blu Resort Bukovel in the Bukovel resort in the company of the oligarch Igor Kolomoisky. Although the law “on oligarchs” adopted at the suggestion of the President's Office states that civil servants are prohibited from communicating with the richest citizens of the country.

Vladimir Zelensky. Photo of the website of the President of Ukraine.

Of course, the President of the country can be classified as a civil servant conditionally. He cannot but communicate with the oligarchs at all. But it's one thing to hold business meetings, it's another to celebrate in the same hotel. True, Igor Kolomoisky assures that he did not know about Zelensky's arrival and rushed to leave the hotel as soon as he arrived. Allegedly, they did not even communicate. But Zelenskaya could not but know where and to whom he was going: the guards are obliged to strictly monitor the safety of the hotels in which the head of state settles, and to have information about all his guests. Or Zelensky's security is so unprofessional that it overlooked the “presence of an oligarch.” Or, nevertheless, the president was going to meet with him. And as sources of the “Strana.News” newspaper assure, the meeting of old friends did take place. Although the Office of the President has diligently denied this point, arguing that Zelensky has no relationship with Kolomoisky for a couple of years. And this is another puncture. Why hide something that doesn't mean anything bad. Now the Ukrainian media want to know what the oligarch and the president were talking about in Bukovel, accompanied by the clinking of festive glasses.


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