Nazarbayev’s nephews returned to the ancestral village of the first president of Kazakhstan

Elbasy's sister settled in the Almaty residential complex

Nursultan Nazarbayev's large family is gradually returning to their native land. We contacted people who are aware of the whereabouts of some of the closest relatives of the Elbasy. Residents of Shamalgan, the ancestral village of the first president of Kazakhstan, told the latest news.

Photo of Shamalgan village.

Residents of the village of Shamalgan, where Nursultan Nazarbayev was born and where until recently his brother with children and sister lived, are closely following the movements of influential countrymen.

Some villagers shared their observations.

< p>– An investigation was published in the local press that the Nazarbaev family owns plots of land near the park of the first president in Almaty, where they allegedly built palaces – says one of the interlocutors. – In Kazakhstan, no one was surprised by this. Behind the scenes, in every region and in the nature reserve, there is a lot of real estate of the Elbasy family. They have especially many houses in East Kazakhstan, where the Altai mountains are. Well, there is enough in the Almaty region itself.

A week ago, the houses of the members of the Nazarbayev family, who are in Shamalgan, were empty. According to our information, a few days before the protests, all Elbasy's relatives left the village.

– Recently, all the Nazarbayevs began to quietly return, – adds another resident of Shamalgan. – It is known that the nephews of the former president, the sons of Nazarbayev’s brother Bolat, came to the village.

Photo of Shamalgan village.

– About him not a rumor or a spirit. But Nursultan Nazarbayev himself, according to our data, is in Astana (Nur-Sultan. – “MK”).

– She is not in the village. It seems that she has stopped in Almaty for the time being. Lives with his daughter in the LCD. She is an elderly woman, she has problems with her legs, it is difficult for her to walk. She needs care.

– The apartment is ordinary, the house is big. But ordinary people cannot afford to buy a house there. This is an area of ​​elite residential complexes.

– Yes. It is interesting that Bolat Nazarbayev's family hires only Turks who have been living in the village for a long time. He does not trust the Kazakhs. The fact is that, in his youth, Bolat worked as a plumber, then he was a driver. In those days, he liked to drink. One day he got so drunk that he collapsed on the street. The Turks picked him up, dragged him home, did not leave him on the street. Since then, he considers the Turks almost relatives.

They say that at one event, where relatives, countrymen and classmates of Bolat gathered, he himself remembered the case when he was lying drunk on the street. Then he said: if I order the Turks to kiss my bare ass, they will kiss without hesitation, and you will all turn away from me. tinted glass.

Houses with identical gates belong to Nazarbayev's relatives.

– There is one story about the akim (head of administration – “MK”). According to rumors, he used to work as a waiter in one of Bolat's cafes. Once he caught the eye of Nazarbayev's brother, liked him, and he made him the head of the village. And the former akim, they say, was fired because he could not slaughter cattle in front of Nursultan Nazarbayev. It may be stories, but the whole village is talking about it.

The only thing that upsets the Shamalgan people in this whole story is the closure of the Altyn Orda market.

– The Altyn Orda market is an analogue of your Cherkizovsky market. It belongs to Bolat Nazarbayev, – adds the interlocutor. “No matter what, people will be sorry if the market closes completely. During the pandemic, only he worked without failure. But it turns out that for many years the market leadership did not pay a single cent of taxes to the treasury. Now you understand why Nazarbayev's brother Bolat is called the ruler of the entire Almaty region.

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