Named the replacement of Scholz in the event of his departure from the post of Chancellor of Germany

“The German government understands the threat of social protests in the country”

The German publication Bild has published an article about the increase in taxes on CO2 emissions in Germany. Against this background, the inhabitants of Germany in the comments to the article rather harshly criticized the policy pursued by the government of Olaf Scholz, and even demanded his immediate resignation. The expert told who can replace the current chancellor if he leaves power.

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B In the comments under the material of the publication, the Germans accused the political elite of Germany of “hypocrisy and incompetence.” “We demand the resignation of the federal government,” wrote one user under the nickname jisi26. “It wreaks havoc.”

Another commentator noted that the German government is failing on all fronts and thus harming the population. “They (members of the Cabinet) don't even resign of their own free will, and there are no elections,” he added.

Other users openly accused Olaf Scholz of lying and demanded his immediate resignation. “Not my chancellor anymore! He will always be a liar,” said another netizen.

Moreover, the people of Germany expressed outrage at the fact that their country is forced to freeze due to solidarity against the backdrop of opposition from the West to Russia.

“Our chancellor is so tiring,” Bild readers concluded. “Scholz should vacate his chair as soon as possible.”

Readers of the German newspaper Die Welt, for their part, also called on the German chancellor to resign after he called the gas a “weapon of Russia.” Commentators stressed that the politician behaves duplicitously when he is surprised by Moscow's countermeasures in response to anti-Russian sanctions.

Meanwhile, before that, Scholz himself had repeatedly stated that he did not believe in the reduction of Russian gas supplies solely for technical reasons. The Chancellor also added that Germany has relied on energy resources from the Russian Federation for too long.

At the same time, according to the German political scientist Alexander Rahr, Olaf Scholz's position is still more stable than the positions of his colleagues in France, Italy and England.< /p>

“However, Scholz's authority is still falling,” Alexander Rahr comments to MK. – And if elections were held in Germany today, the chancellor, most likely, would be another politician. For example, the head of the opposition from the Christian Democratic Party (CDU), Friedrich Merz. In second place in the rating is the German Vice-Chancellor and Minister for Economic Affairs and Climate Protection Robert Habek from the Green Party.

The expert noted that the energy crisis, of course, can hit the German economy and society hard , as well as have a negative impact on the position of the authorities in the country.

“Today there is no state in Europe where the people would be 100% satisfied with their rulers,” the political scientist continues. – The German government also understands the threat of social protests in the country, so here they stopped talking about the “embargo” of Russian energy carriers, and, on the contrary, they hope for the duration of gas supplies from the Russian Federation. Everyone is afraid of winter, which can cause a lot of trouble to Germany and Europe.”

Recall that earlier several authoritative Western media agreed that German Chancellor Olaf Scholz risks losing his position due to the energy crisis that has broken out in the country. crisis. They also believe that the head of the federal government is not strong enough in foreign policy.

Thus, the journalists of the British edition of The Telegraph pointed out that Scholz, trying to please both the North Atlantic Alliance and Moscow, abandoned Kyiv and practically does not help him no help. Such actions of the chancellor could not but shake the authority of Berlin on the world stage.

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