Moscow declared the inadmissibility of “even the thought” of a war with Ukraine

Zaitsev from the Foreign Ministry: even the thought of a war with Ukraine is unacceptable The Foreign Ministry ruled out any plans of Russia to attack a neighboring country. But Kiev's “overseas curators” continue to adhere to the scenario they invented, said a ministry spokesman


Russia does not even allow the thought of a war with Ukraine, said the deputy director of the department information and press of the Ministry of Foreign AffairsAleksey Zaitsev.

He mentioned the statements of the Secretary of the National Security and Defense Council of Ukraine, Oleksiy Danilov, that Kiev sees no reason for the “invasion”; Russia to Ukraine, which the West is talking about. Defense Minister Alexei Reznikov agrees with him, the diplomat pointed out.

“For our part, we have repeatedly stated that our country is not going to attack anyone. We consider unacceptable even the idea of ​​a war between our peoples,»,— he noted.

However, Zaitsev continued, “Ukraine’s overseas curators” a different opinion on this matter. “It seems that they intend to firmly adhere to the scenario he invented, according to which Russia should attack Ukraine, taking up arms against the entire Western world, and they are trying to do everything possible to bring it to life,” & mdash; considers the deputy director of the DIP.

If “something does not go according to plan”, the West begins to escalate the situation. As an example, he cited an order to evacuate embassy personnel from Kiev, and an increase in military supplies. “And they shout even louder about the mythical Russian threat, even naming the time he planned for the Russian attack on Ukraine: sometime between now and mid-February,” — he added.

At the same time, anyone who dares to have a point of view “will inevitably pay with his career, and possibly with his safety.” He recalled the resignation of German Vice Admiral Kai-Achim Schönbach, who said that Kiev had lost Crimea, and called statements about Russia's plans to attack Ukraine nonsense.

“The President of Croatia, who considered that Ukraine had no place in NATO, was entered into the database of the extremist website” Peacemaker “, as, indeed, the aforementioned German Vice Admiral,” Zaitsev pointed out.

After the statement by the Foreign Ministry about the unacceptability of the war between Russia and Ukraine, the dollar exchange rate fell by almost ₽1.9, to ₽77.61, the euro— by ₽2.8, up to ₽86.57. The US currency fell below ₽78 for the first time since January 24 this year, the European currency fell below ₽87 for the first time since January 21.

The West has repeatedly claimed that Russia is preparing an “invasion” to Ukraine. The possible timing of the attack in the White House, in particular, called mid-January— mid February. US Deputy Secretary of State Wendy Sherman also spoke about the fact that Russia is planning aggression against Ukraine by mid-February. Washington claims that Russia is preparing a military provocation under a false flag, looking for an excuse to invade a neighboring country. The Kremlin denied these words. The head of the Russian Foreign Ministry, in turn, said that the West is striving “for a real provocation” so that “the Kiev regime breaks into a military operation in the Donbass, or in some other way bury the Minsk agreements completely.”

The West threatens Russia with unprecedented sanctions in case of aggression, and NATO has already announced the transfer of forces.

Ukrainian authorities have repeatedly urged the population not to panic because of reports of a possible Russian attack . In particular, President Volodymyr Zelensky asked Ukrainians to beware of “nonsense.”

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