Mom is more important than everyone. Mother’s Day is celebrated in the country

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Every year, Mother's Day is celebrated on the last Sunday of November in & nbsp; Russia. & Nbsp; this year it is & nbsp; 28 & nbsp; November.

Mom & nbsp; & mdash; the main person in the & nbsp; life of everyone. National project “ Demography '' takes care of & nbsp; families with & nbsp; children, financially helping in the & nbsp; first years after the birth of a child. Comfortable modern kindergartens with nursery groups are opening in all corners of Russia, which give women the opportunity to return to work earlier if they wish. And & nbsp; if mom wants, the national project will help you learn a new profession for free, improve your skills or even start your own business.

Thanks to the national project, families receive payments for & nbsp; children under & nbsp; 3 & nbsp; years old. Monthly payments can be arranged by families with & nbsp; income below two living wages per & nbsp; person. The size of the payment is equal to the regional subsistence minimum for children, in & nbsp; average in & nbsp; country & nbsp; & mdash; 11.4 & nbsp; thous. rubles, and & nbsp; for & nbsp; its & nbsp; appointment, you must contact the & nbsp; MFC or social protection body at & nbsp; place of residence.

In & nbsp; Irkutsk region 19 & nbsp; 071 large families receive additional financial support. Mother of many children Tatyana Garaeva , raising four children, says: “A large family is always costly. Considering that mom is not always & nbsp; works, and & nbsp; is busy raising children, dad has to work & nbsp; times more. And & nbsp; it’s very good that the government is providing us with substantial support by setting additional payments. ”

For the Volgograd region, the size of the average per capita family income for the purpose of payment for & nbsp; children under & nbsp; 3 & nbsp; years in & nbsp; this year is 21 & nbsp; 784 & nbsp; rubles, and & nbsp; the payment itself is 10 & nbsp; 414 & nbsp; rubles. One of & nbsp; its & nbsp; recipients is Olga Topilina, a resident of the village of Nekhaevskaya … & laquo; To our firstborn & nbsp; & mdash; two with & nbsp; half a month. The kid gives us a new reason to rejoice every day. Of course, we & nbsp; love our little miracle and & nbsp; try to surround it with comprehensive care. And & nbsp; monthly payment here & nbsp; & mdash; very good help. For example, the funds received go to & nbsp; the purchase of diapers, clothes. Any mother knows how quickly babies grow. So & nbsp; we have to change outfits every month. With our monthly support, we & nbsp; & nbsp; have no problems in & nbsp; providing Serezha with everything he needs & nbsp; & nbsp; & mdash; shared a young mom.

With the support of the national project “ Demography '' throughout the country, modern kindergartens with nursery groups are being built, which makes it possible to ensure the availability of preschool education for all children under & nbsp; 3 years old, regardless of & nbsp; place of residence, and & nbsp; mothers, if they wish, to go to work earlier. Already, 170 thousand nursery places have been opened in & nbsp; Russia.

In & nbsp; Volgograd region, working village Novonikolaevsky, the grand opening of a new kindergarten for & nbsp; 144 & nbsp; places took place. In a two-story building, modern conditions have been created for educational activities, nutrition, sleep, health protection, a natural history room, a music room, a gym, offices for a speech therapist and a teacher-psychologist are provided. “ This is great support for us, & nbsp; & mdash; shares local resident Maria Kosivtsova . & mdash; & nbsp; And & nbsp; we & nbsp; are glad that our children will now attend a modern and & nbsp; beautiful preschool. By the & nbsp; addition & nbsp; its opening will provide all the children in the & nbsp; village with places in the & nbsp; kindergarten & raquo ;.

In & nbsp; this year, mother of many children Tatiana & nbsp; K. from & nbsp; Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky (Kamchatka Territory) turned to the & nbsp; employment center in & nbsp; looking for a suitable job. Since at the & nbsp; moment of filing the application, the citizen was not & nbsp; working, she was & nbsp; registered as unemployed and & nbsp; offered to undergo career guidance. It turned out that the woman loves to do confectionery, has a penchant for & nbsp; entrepreneurship and & nbsp; would like to start her own business. According to the & nbsp; direction of the employment center, a mother of many children was trained in the & nbsp; framework of the national project “ Demography '' under the & nbsp; program “ Entrepreneurship ''. After completing the training, the specialists of the employment center conducted several consultations with the & nbsp; citizen and & nbsp; helped to draw up a business plan for opening a mini-confectionery. In & nbsp; October, a mother of many children successfully defended her business plan at a & nbsp; meeting of the employment center commission and & nbsp; received a one-time financial aid, which she is going to spend on & nbsp; buying equipment for her pastry shop.


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