Medvedev announced the need to change the United Russia program

The chairman of the party explained that the program should be reviewed against the background of the changed situation and a number of its positions should be “conformed to what is happening”

The people's program of “United Russia”, with which she won the elections held in September, needs to be updated due to the situation that has changed after February 24, party chairman Dmitry Medvedev said at a meeting with the presidium of the faction in the State Duma.

He stressed that the people's program of “United Russia” & mdash; not a “dogma” but a “living document.”

“We need to see what has stood the test of time and what has become less relevant. Circumstances have changed. A number of positions need to be adjusted to what is happening. We must fulfill our obligations as carefully as possible— these are essential things for our people,»,— Medvedev said.

He called on all those present at the meeting to take part in the modernization of certain provisions of the program.

In the elections to the State Duma of the VIII convocation, “United Russia” won first place, gaining 49.82% of the vote during the voting on party lists and retaining a constitutional majority. Party deputies took 324 mandates. In addition to the ruling party, deputies from the Communist Party of the Russian Federation (57 mandates), A Just Russia— For the truth” (27 mandates), LDPR (21 mandates) and New People (13 mandates). Representatives of the “Civil Platform”, the Party of Growth and “Motherland” received one seat each, five more deputies were nominated as self-nominees.

Published on the website of “United Russia” the national program involves changes in seven areas: social support, support for families with children, medicine, housing and communal services, education and science, transport, culture.

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According to it, for example, all social payments and benefits will be protected from possible write-off by banks, pay increases for teachers, doctors, military personnel, families with two or more children will be exempted from income tax and real estate tax if they buy new housing during the year.

Except In addition, in the “United Russia” intended to achieve 100% availability of primary health care, including eliminating queues for appointments with doctors, as well as transferring 500 mobile medical complexes and 5 thousand ambulances to the regions within two years, improving living conditions for 5 million people annually, completing complete gasification of all regions by 2030, construction of 1.3 thousand new schools by the end of 2024, allocation of 50 billion rubles. to the public transport renewal program.

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