Media: famine may begin in Sweden

Local publications are sounding the alarm because of the economic crisis.

The day before, the Swedish newspaper Dagens Nyheter, citing a report by the country's authorities, came to the conclusion that a humanitarian catastrophe could await Sweden.

As the authors of the material stated, if a military conflict breaks out near the country's borders, problems may arise with food and medical care for the population.

The fact is that back in the 90s, Stockholm decided to close warehouses with food supplies, medicines and personal protective equipment that were created during the Cold War.


Premises were dismantled, but no stocks were made.

A new round of stockpiling was made during the coronavirus pandemic, but events in Ukraine forced the Swedish authorities to think again about replenishing stocks.

As a result, according to journalists, Stockholm began to study the issue of food storage even before February 24, when Russia announced the start of a military special operation in the Donbass.

From the data provided by the National Food Agency, which instructed to strengthen the readiness to provide citizens with food in case of war, a disappointing conclusion was made.

The document states that in the situation of a border war with Sweden, food supplies may decrease to a serious size.

< p>“Famine could become a reality in Sweden”, – REGNUM reports with reference to the Swedish media.

As Topnews wrote earlier, in December last year in Sweden, which is part of NATO, there was a conflict between representatives of the Russian and US Foreign Ministries, Sergey Lavrov and Anthony Blinken .

And later, a number of Swedish companies, including IKEA, announced their withdrawal from the Russian market.

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