Matvienko urged not to rush to cancel the exam

Speaker of the Federation Council of the Russian Federation Valentina Matvienko stated that she does not consider it necessary to cancel the Unified State Examination in Russia. Interfax reports this.

“As for the exam, it seems to me that we need to discuss it in a meaningful way, and not just“ let's cancel it ”. So what? We have to offer something. Therefore, also do not get excited, do not rush, discuss and think about how to make a more effective and objective system for assessing students' knowledge, – she stressed. 
Matviyenko also noted that it is important to maintain a system that creates equal conditions and provides access to education for children from different regions and families. 
Earlier, the Ministry of Education and Science said that Russia will abandon the Bologna system and will develop its own model of higher education. In this regard, the leader of the Liberal Democratic Party, Leonid Slutsky, warned that the Unified State Examination could be eliminated step by step. 

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