Manizha performance canceled at festival in St. Petersburg

The organizers and the representative of the singer said that the performance was canceled “for reasons beyond their control.” The performer said that in the networks they began to call her a traitor and asked to be held accountable for it is not clear why

Singer Manizha (Manizha Sangin)

Singer Manizha, representing Russia at Eurovision last year, will not perform at the STEREOLETO festival in St. Petersburg, the representative of the artist told RBC.

«Manizha really will not perform at the festival. For reasons beyond her control, — he said.

The announcement of the cancellation also appeared on the festival's VKontakte account. “Singer Manizha's performance at STEREOLETO is canceled due to reasons beyond our control”, — organizers said.

The singer herself wrote on Instagram (owned by Meta & mdash; recognized as extremist in Russia and banned) that she was “removed from the festival.” The day before, she published another post in which she said that they began to call her a traitor and demand the cancellation of performances. Similar messages, according to her, appeared on social networks and Telegram channels, “some public people have also joined in the harassment.” “Careful” they urge me to write statements to the Ministry of Internal Affairs in order to hold me accountable for it is not clear what, — the singer complained.

Manizha said, “that she remained and remains in Russia” and helps, through charitable foundations, refugees, “who are now more than 1 million people in Russia,” and victims of violence.

Reports that Manizha canceled all her performances in Russia, the representative of the artist denied. “That's not true. Manizha is and was this time in Russia and did not cancel any concerts. Her next concert is to take place on her birthday, July 8, in Moscow,— he told RBC.

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Actress Maria Shukshina wrote in her Telegram channel that she has been receiving requests about the STEREOLETO festival for several days. “Something hurts a lot of traitors will gather in one place to sing, dance, have fun. Does Peter need it?»— Shukshina wrote.

Formerly the St. Petersburg Academic Philharmonic. D.D. Shostakovich canceled the concert of the honored ensemble of Russia for health reasons conductor Vasily Sinaisky. At the end of February, on the website of the Czech Philharmonic Orchestra. Janacek, led by Sinaisky, a statement appeared where he calls the military operations in Ukraine vile.

The concert of the DDT group was also canceled; in Moscow and the summer concerts of «B-2» have been postponed.

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