Lukashenko considered it possible to transfer the convicted Sapieha to Russia

A Russian woman can be handed over to serve her sentence at home, in Russia they can do “whatever they want” with her, Lukashenka believes. She was found guilty of inciting hatred and illegal collection of data, and was detained along with Protasevich from NEXTA

p>"She is Russian… We have practice. We can transfer a Russian citizen to Russia. Let her serve time there. Or they do whatever they want. I think science is big for her, — he said (quote from BelTA). Lukashenka also said that he “feel sorry for the girl.”


Sapega was detained in May 2021 after an emergency landing of a plane with her and the former editor-in-chief of the opposition Nexta Telegram channel (the Belarusian authorities recognized him as extremist) Roman Protasevich on board. She was charged under seven articles, including the organization of violence and threats to security forces and officials, the organization of influence on employees of internal affairs bodies and others.

On May 6, the court found her guilty under articles on inciting hatred and discord and illegal collection of data on private life and sentenced her to six years in a penal colony. Sapieha's stepfather Sergei Dudich considered the sentence very harsh. At the end of May, the Supreme Court of Belarus reported that the Russian woman had not appealed the verdict.

The Kremlin promised that Moscow would protect Sapieha's legitimate interests.

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Last year, Sapieha's mother Anna Dudich asked Russian President Vladimir Putin to help her release, and her father, Andrey Sapega , wrote down an appeal to Lukashenka “like a father to a father.” The girl wrote a petition for pardon to the President of Belarus.

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