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Live updates6m ago6 minutes agoFri 7 Jan 2022 at 9:27pm

By Bridget Judd

What COVID support is available?Any word of if there will be any financial support – disaster relief. Have lost all work as professional musician again. Dates now into feb.. but apparently everything is “normal” and we are “back”..


Morning Holly, I'm really sorry to hear you're having a rough go of it.

The COVID-19 Disaster Payment is no longer available, but there may be other state or territory pandemic payments available (depending on where you live and your personal circumstances).

You can find the criteria for each state and territory right here, alongside other support services.

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18m ago18 minutes agoFri 7 Jan 2022 at 9:16pm

By Bridget Judd

In case you missed it…

If you didn't spend your Friday wading through all the COVID news (I don't blame you), here's what you missed:

As a reminder, you can find the coronavirus story stream right here.

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26m ago26 minutes agoFri 7 Jan 2022 at 9:07pm

By Bridget Judd

Good morning, I'm Bridget Judd and I'll be bringing you the latest COVID updates throughout this morning.

As always, you can send in your questions and comments by hitting the big blue button at the top of the page.

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