Jury fails to reach verdict for woman who stabbed partner while meeting her parents

Hamilton Hill 6163

A Perth woman who fatally stabbed her partner is facing the prospect of a retrial after a jury was unable to reach a verdict on whether her actions were unlawful.

Key points:

  • Tracey Bridgewater stabbed her partner to death during a fight over loud music
  • She told police he pushed her against a wall before attacking her mother and father
  • The jury could not reach a verdict and Ms Bridgewater has been released on bail

Tracey Elizabeth Bridgewater, 41 claimed she was acting in defence of herself and her parents when she stabbed Nicholas Josephs, 44, in the chest during a violent scuffle at their Hamilton Hill home in September 2018.

Ms Bridgewater has been on trial in the Supreme Court for the past week and a half on a charge of manslaughter, but on Thursday, after more than a day of deliberations, the jury was discharged because it was unable to agree on a verdict.

Prosecutors had alleged Ms Bridgewater deliberately stabbed Mr Josephs after arming herself with a kitchen knife during an argument that started when he refused to turn down the volume of his music.

The court was told during the scuffle that ensued, Mr Josephs pinned Ms Bridgewater against a wall with his hands around her neck before throwing her across the room.


Tracey Bridgewater (centre) has been released on bail. (ABC News)

She testified she lost consciousness and when she awoke, she saw her father being repeatedly punched.

She claimed that when her mother tried to intervene, she was thrown to the ground by her hair and kicked.

Ms Bridgewater described Mr Josephs as looking like a “crazed man”, saying he was repeatedly yelling he was going “to kill them all”.


Nicholas Josephs was stabbed to death by his girlfriend who argued she was acting in self defence. (Supplied)

Ms Bridgewater said she unsuccessfully tried to get help from her neighbours, but when she returned to the house and saw a knife on the counter she “automatically” decided to pick it up, to stop Mr Josephs from getting it and to protect herself and her parents.

She testified the stabbing happened when she was holding the knife in her hand, and Mr Josephs lunged towards her while she possibly took a step forward.

Ms Bridgewater denied deliberately and intentionally stabbing Mr Josephs, who she said had been violent towards her before.


Family members of Nicholas Josephs leave the Perth Supreme Court the jury failed to return a verdict. (ABC News: Hugh Sando)

She testified he was also angry, jealous and controlling of her at other times in their relationship.

Thursday’s outcome means Ms Bridgewater faces the prospect of a retrial.

She has been released on bail until she appears in court again next month.

Source: https://www.abc.net.au/news