Johnson saw no way to normalize relations with Putin

The Prime Minister of Great Britain said that “nothing is impossible”, but he personally cannot imagine how to improve relations with the Russian president after the events in Ukraine

Boris Johnson

Speech about normalizing relations between the international community and Russian President Vladimir Putin after the events in Ukraine does not go, British Prime Minister Boris Johnson said on LBC.

“I think repentance will be very difficult for Vladimir Putin. <…> Probably nothing is impossible, but for the life of me, I simply cannot imagine how we can now re-normalize relations with Putin, — said Johnson, accusing the Russian president of violating human rights and international law.

According to the prime minister, making peace with Putin would mean repeating the mistake of 2014. At that time, Western countries condemned the annexation of Crimea by Russia and the events in the Donbass, but at the same time continued to negotiate with the Russian leadership. “Do you remember— Normandy process, Minsk agreements. And Putin, in fact, used this to aggravate the situation in Ukraine, he did not allow stability to be restored in the east of Ukraine, — Johnson recalled. If Ukraine now concludes “any agreement” with Russia, the risk of a repeat of a similar situation in the future will remain, the head of the British government is sure.

“No renormalization, and the UK position on this issue is very clear,” — he stressed.

Johnson had already made a similar position in March. Then he declared that “to come to terms with tyranny” and try to restore relations with Putin, as was done after the events of 2014,— wrong decision. Britain, like many other countries, has strongly condemned the Russian military operation in Ukraine and has imposed several packages of tough sanctions against Moscow.

On May 6, Prime Minister of Finland Sanna Marin spoke about the impossibility of previous relations with Russia because of the events in Ukraine.

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U.S. Ambassador to Russia John Sullivan, on the other hand, suggested in late March that Russian-American relations could become normal. “Maybe not this year, maybe not next, but it will happen,” — he said.

Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov said on March 19 that Western leaders were “off the chain” after the outbreak of hostilities in Ukraine, because the special operation was contrary to their “anti-Russian designs.” He said that Russia would not take the initiative to improve relations with other countries, but would observe how they would get out of the impasse into which they had driven themselves.

Putin emphasized that Moscow is ready to cooperate with all partners who want it, and is not going to close off from the world, and other states will not be able to isolate Russia.

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