Izvestia learned that Loboda, Serdyuchka and Dorn were banned from entering Russia

In total, the list of Ukrainian stars who were banned from entering the country included 31 people, the newspaper writes. According to the publication, the ban is set for 50 years. “Izvestia” learned that Loboda, Serduchka and Dorn were banned from entering Russia” />

Svetlana Loboda

Russia banned entry of 31 Ukrainian artists, musicians and journalists, the corresponding list was published by Izvestia.

The list includes:

  • TV presenters Anton Ptushkin, Andrey Bednyakov, Nikolai Serga and (“Heads and Tails”);
  • TV presenter Dmitry Komarov (“The World Inside Out”);
  • singer Svetlana Loboda;
  • singer Svetlana Loboda;
  • li>
  • Andrey Danilko (Verka Serduchka);
  • Ivan Dorn;
  • Svyatoslav Vakarchuk (Ocean Elzy);
  • Dmitry Monatik;
  • Potap (Aleksey Potapenko) and Nastya Kamensky;
  • Nikolai Bortnik (Max Barskikh);
  • actress Mila Savitskaya («The Last Bogatyr») and others.

“Anton does not give interviews and comments”, — Ptushkin's representative told RBC.

Bednyakov said that he was banned from entering Russia for 50 years. He wrote about this on Instagram (the work of this social network is prohibited in Russia, and the owner of Instagram— company Meta— is recognized as an extremist organization and banned).

RBC sent a request to the Russian Ministry of Internal Affairs.

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«Izvestia» They write that the ban is set for a period of 50 years. According to the source of the publication, the reason for being included in the list could be criticism of the Russian military special operation in Ukraine.

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