Italian FM warns of ‘world war for bread’

The head of the Italian Foreign Ministry saw the risk of new wars and coup d'état due to a grain shortage There is already a “world war for bread” in the world because of the threat of a grain shortage, 30 million tons of which cannot be taken out of Ukraine, Di Maio said. There is a risk that this will cause new wars in Africa, he believes alt=”Italian FM warns of 'world war for bread'” />

If the grain blocked in Ukrainian ports is not delivered to buyers, this threatens to cause political instability, and new conflicts will begin in Africa, said Italian Foreign Minister Luigi Di Maio, Agenzia Italia reports.

He said that because of Russian warships, 30 million tons of wheat could not be taken out of Ukraine, and work was underway to unblock the ports. “Because without this grain, we risk new wars breaking out in Africa. We risk political instability, the proliferation of terrorist organizations and coups,” — the minister explained.

Di Maio added that on Tuesday, June 7, there will be a dialogue session with the Mediterranean countries on the issue of food security, which will also be attended by representatives of Germany, Turkey and France. The head of the Italian Foreign Ministry called the current situation in the world a “historic moment”, pointing out that many families were faced with a rise in the price of bread, and industries & mdash; with rising resource prices, reports the newspaper Conquiste del Lavoro.

“The world war for bread is already underway, and we must stop it, and Putin must sit down at the negotiating table and conclude a peace agreement as soon as possible, which also includes an agreement on wheat,»— emphasized the Italian minister.

In early May, the UN reported about 4.5 million tons of grain accumulated in Ukraine, urging Russia to open the harbors and ensure the free passage of ships. Because of this, UN Secretary-General António Guterres suggested that Moscow let ships with grain pass in exchange for lifting sanctions on the export of potash fertilizers from Russia and Belarus, sources told The Wall Street Journal.

By mid-May, the US authorities estimated the volume of grain blocked in Ukraine at 20 million tons. Secretary of State Anthony Blinken called on the countries— UN members to step up pressure on Russia, accusing it of aggravating the food crisis. He explained that Ukrainian farmers wear helmets and body armor for harvesting.

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At the same time, the Kremlin insisted that “illegal actions” led to the blockade of grain supplies from Ukraine; Western countries, and not the Russian side, meaning the sanctions imposed against Russia and Belarus. Commenting on the allegations of a blockade of grain shipments from Ukraine, Dmitry Peskov, a spokesman for the Russian president, stressed: “We categorically reject these accusations and, on the contrary, accuse Western countries of taking a number of illegal actions that led to this blockade.”


Peskov said that the Ukrainian ports are “heavily mined and the waters are now extremely dangerous for navigation,” pointing to the need for a demining operation. After Ukraine has cleared coastal waters of mines, the Russian fleet will be ready to escort ships with grain, Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov assured.

Putin said on June 3 that Russia's accusations of a food crisis are an attempt to shift the problem “from a sore head to a healthy one” ;, since the unfavorable situation on the world food market began to take shape even before the special operation in Ukraine. He said that Russia is ready to ensure the unhindered export of Ukrainian grain “without any problems” through controlled ports. According to him, the Russian side is finishing demining the ports of Berdyansk and Mariupol on the Sea of ​​Azov.

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