Is it true that pets will need to be registered?

The bill on the obligation of owners to identify their pets and register them was submitted by the Legislative Assembly of the Yamalo-Nenets Autonomous Okrug to the State Duma on July 5. 

What is the essence of the bill? 

The initiators want to amend the Federal Law "On the Responsible Treatment of Animals" and other acts. The Basic Law regulating the keeping of pets contains only general requirements and rules for keeping and walking pets – specific issues law enforcement is not regulated by law. The law was supposed to help reduce the number of animals without owners, stop cruelty to animals, but the lack of specific procedures does not allow this.

Will it be necessary to register animals?

Legislative Assembly deputies propose to oblige pet owners to identify and record pets. «The law on responsible treatment of animals contains a definition of the owner of an animal, but there is no description of its search and identification. In practice, it is almost impossible to determine whether a dog running around the yard belongs to someone – you can only rely on testimonies, but a neighbor can say at any moment that the animal is not his, but  he just fed it, -&nbsp ;explains lawyer Angelina Malysheva.

According to the expert, this measure is aimed at reducing the number of stray animals abandoned by owners, at improving the mechanism for protecting animals from irresponsible treatment. In addition, linking an animal to will allow a specific owner to more effectively bring negligent owners to administrative and criminal liability.

Where can animals be kept?

In addition, according to the lawyer, the maintenance of animals should be carried out subject to the rights and legitimate interests of residents of an apartment building (MKD) in accordance with the general requirements for maintenance. Such wording is rather vague, and therefore it is proposed to include in the law a list of places where it is forbidden to keep pets: 

а) in common areas of apartment buildings: stairwells, corridors, technical floors , vestibules, etc. 

b) in non-residential premises of an apartment building that are privately owned; 

b) on the territory adjacent to the MKD (3-6 m from the house).

According to Malysheva , these changes are due to frequent cases of pets being kept in strange places: ""There were cases when a dog was kept on a leash in the basement or a horse was tied right in the yard».

How can you walk your pets?

The initiators also propose  to oblige  to prohibit  owners to keep their pets free-range, without control over them in places that are not intended for this. "Similar provisions are in Art. 13 of the law on the responsible treatment of animals – in fact, the norm will simply be optimized, ”commented the lawyer.

Where will animals be kept without owners?

Deputies propose a ban on keeping captured animals without owners not in shelters. The only exception is the keeping of caught animals in hard-to-reach and sparsely populated places in the regions of the Extreme North and equated areas.

“Since the initiative comes from the Legislative Assembly of the Yamalo-Nenets Autonomous Okrug, such changes are quite understandable. The explanatory note states that this is due to the remoteness and inaccessibility of shelters, the lack of ground transportation and the significant cost of maintaining shelters,” the expert said.


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