In Ukraine, they will be expelled from the school program “War and Peace”

The Ministry of Education of the Republic will change the school curriculum in foreign literature, Ukrainian and world history, as well as in the subject “Protection of the Fatherland”. Works about the Russian army will be removed from textbooks on foreign literature In Ukraine, they will be expelled from the school program “War and Peace” />

In Ukraine, from the school curriculum on the subject “Foreign Literature” Leo Tolstoy's novel “War and Peace” will be excluded; and other works that describe the actions of the Russian, Soviet or Russian army, Deputy Minister of Education and Science Andriy Vitrenko said on the air of a nationwide telethon, which is broadcast by several Ukrainian channels.

“In accordance with the order of the ministry, now there are groups of highly professional specialists who develop changes in the curricula. Until June 15, these groups must submit the results to the ministry, and we will make these changes in separate regulatory documents, — Vitrenko explained.

Changes, in particular, will be made to the programs in the subjects “Foreign Literature”, “History of Ukraine”; and World History. In particular, Vitrenko clarified, Leo Tolstoy's novel “War and Peace” will be excluded from the course of foreign literature. “They won’t study this in Ukraine,” & mdash; said the deputy minister, adding that everything that glorifies the Russian troops is planned to be deleted from the program.

The department is discussing the issue of publishing new textbooks on a number of subjects and continues to discuss the issue of excluding the works of Russian writers from the program of foreign literature. The Deputy Minister did not specify the details, only stated that the program on this subject would be updated.

When teaching the subject “Protection of the Fatherland” schoolchildren will be focused on the practical side of the matter: the ministry promises to add a mine safety course to the program. “Children should know, be able to, national-patriotic education will be strengthened and there will be a separate unit that will deal with mine action. So that children realize that they cannot be touched, what is dangerous for them, — noted Vitrenko.

Read on RBC Pro Pro Find and neutralize: what to do if a manipulator came to the interview Instructions Pro Glasses, lenses, surgery: which method of vision correction to choose Articles Pro Europe has introduced an oil embargo. What will happen to LUKOIL shares Forecasts Pro Three months without the usual social networks: how do Russian brands promote themselves? Why is it dangerous for business?In mid-April, Taras Kremin, Commissioner for the Protection of the State Language of Ukraine, proposed replacing the teaching of the Russian language with other subjects in those schools where Russian is still being studied. He proposed to make changes from September 1, and before that, send specialized teachers “on idle time.” Among the subjects that can replace the Russian language, Kremin named the history of Ukraine, the Ukrainian and English languages, and mathematics.

In Ukraine, since 2019, a law has been in force that assigns exclusive rights to the Ukrainian language. This document, which caused a lot of controversy and during the consideration of which thousands of amendments were made to the Verkhovna Rada, was supported by the then President Petro Poroshenko.

The law on the exclusive status of the language defines a list of persons who are required to speak Ukrainian and use it in the performance of official duties. These are the leadership of the country, parliamentarians, judges and prosecutors, employees of the National Bank of Ukraine, contract officers, as well as teachers and doctors of state institutions. The law provides that all citizens of Ukraine must know the national language.

The document does not apply to private communication and religious rites, but affects the media, for which the Ukrainian language becomes mandatory even for Internet versions. The share of Ukrainian on national channels from mid-July 2024 will have to be at least 90%, the law obliges to duplicate programs in other languages. Printed media in foreign languages, including Russian, must publish a similar circulation in Ukrainian with identical content.

The law was considered during the election campaign, which was won by Poroshenko's competitor— actor and screenwriter Vladimir Zelensky. Poroshenko managed to sign the law in the last days of his presidency on May 15, and Zelensky was inaugurated on May 20.

While running as a bilingual candidate, Zelensky promised to study the controversial law and called it a “hostage of political rhetoric”, but neither his administration, nor the majority of Zelensky's Servant of the People party; the Rada did not take steps to amend the document.

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