Hasta la vista, baby! The first company from the “Terminators” appeared in Russia

The first in the & nbsp; Russian army, a full-time unit equipped with the Terminator tank support combat vehicles (BMPT), appeared in the & nbsp; Central Military District. & Nbsp; This was stated by the commander of the Central Military District, Colonel-General Alexander Lapin.

In June next year, new equipment will be used in & nbsp; large-scale exercises, and there they will & nbsp; explore the possibilities of using the BMPT battalion. According to the & nbsp; opinion of the military, the equipment will not & nbsp; only perform combat missions as an effective means of fire support for tanks, but & nbsp; and & nbsp; will solve a wide range of tasks in & nbsp; mountains and & nbsp; settlements.

Earlier, the German edition of Stern called the BMPT an “ armored vehicle on & nbsp; steroids. '' The journalists were impressed that The Terminator received a chassis from & nbsp; T-90, the tower of which, having lost the “ classic main part of a battle tank & nbsp; & mdash; long-barreled cannon '', received “ a whole bunch of weapons ''. BMPTs are rapidly gaining popularity, including in the media. The armored vehicle got its name due to the fact that the tower resembles a robot from & nbsp; films, and & nbsp; it attracts attention. & Nbsp;

The path from & nbsp; development to & nbsp; adoption on & nbsp; armament has been quite a long one. Uralvagonzavod, which created the first version of the Terminator-1 tank support combat vehicle, offered this BMPT to the military department back in & nbsp; 2000 & nbsp; year. In & nbsp; 2006 UVZ created the BMPT Terminator-2, a contract for the & nbsp; delivery of which the RF Ministry of Defense & nbsp; signed only 11 & nbsp; years later.

Perhaps the military department would never & nbsp; never & nbsp; purchased BMPT, but & nbsp; in & nbsp; 2017, “ Terminators '' sent to & nbsp; tests in & nbsp; Syria, and & nbsp; there they showed themselves well. The Terminator is the best suited for operations in & nbsp; desert terrain, both against mobile formations operating on & nbsp; vehicles with & nbsp; light weapons, and & nbsp; against regular units with & nbsp; tanks, armored personnel carriers and & nbsp; infantry fighting vehicles, which are supported by aviation.

Indeed, BMPT Terminator & nbsp; & mdash; this is a completely new type of armored vehicle, before & nbsp; this such equipment was not & nbsp; was on & nbsp; armament of the Russian army. Due to the lack of a long-barreled gun, the turret rotation speed and & nbsp; rate of fire is much higher than that of traditional tanks. At the same time, instead of one cannon, the Terminator possesses a whole range of weapons.

Mass of Terminator 2 is 44 & nbsp; tons, body length & mdash; just over 7 & nbsp; meters, width & nbsp; two times less, height a little more than three meters. Terminator 2 develops a speed of up to & nbsp; 60 & nbsp; km/h. The machine can overcome both ground obstacles & nbsp; & mdash; ditches up to & nbsp; 3 & nbsp; meters and & nbsp; walls up to & nbsp; 85 & nbsp; centimeters, & nbsp; & mdash; and & nbsp; water. In the & nbsp; second case, the BMPT in its usual configuration will travel through & nbsp; water with a depth of 1.2 meters, and & nbsp; after installing special equipment, it will overcome a water barrier with a depth of 5 & nbsp; meters. Manufacturer & nbsp; & mdash; & laquo; Uralvagonzavod & raquo; & nbsp; & mdash; continues the development of the project, but & nbsp; already on the & nbsp; basis of the Armata platform. There are plans for a & nbsp; wheeled option, which will further increase the vehicle's maneuverability.

According to the & nbsp; plan of the developers, in the & nbsp; battle “ Terminators '' must follow & nbsp; tanks and & nbsp; destroy targets dangerous for them: grenade launchers, crews of anti-tank guided missiles, enemy armored vehicles. For this, the new technique has a large set of fire weapons. The vehicles are equipped with a 30-mm 2A42 automatic cannon, a machine gun and & nbsp; four high-speed guided missiles “ Attack-T '' with & nbsp; range of 6 & nbsp; kilometers. The Terminator can use missiles both in the & nbsp; anti-tank and & nbsp; in the & nbsp; high-explosive version. In the first case, the missiles are designed to penetrate the armor of the tank, in the second, the projectile must explode, causing damage to manpower or easily protected buildings. The & nbsp; present for The Terminators develop ammunition with & nbsp; programmable remote detonation on & nbsp; trajectories that can be effectively used against infantry in shelters and & nbsp; low-speed air targets.

Large angles of aiming automatic cannons are capable of hitting targets on the upper floors of buildings, fire at low-flying aerial targets such as unmanned aerial vehicles, helicopters or even airplanes. The combination in & nbsp; one vehicle of powerful multi-channel weapons with & nbsp; large ammunition (in & nbsp; two times more than & nbsp; modern infantry fighting vehicles), perfect means of search and & nbsp; target detection and & nbsp; all-aspect protection provides BMPT significant superiority over the best examples of foreign armored vehicles such as BMP. In terms of & nbsp; its combat effectiveness, one BMPT can replace two infantry fighting vehicles and & nbsp; a motorized rifle platoon.

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