Gas prices for cars reduced in Kazakhstan after rallies

Gas prices for cars were reduced in Kazakhstan after two days of protests The decision was made by the owners of gas stations themselves within the framework of the “social responsibility of business” after the president's reaction to the unrest

The owners of gas stations in the Mangistau (formerly Mangyshlak) region of Kazakhstan, after two days of spontaneous rallies, have reduced the price of liquefied gas for cars, Tengrinews reports.

Since January 1, prices for liquefied gas for cars have increased from 60 to 120 tenge per liter ( from 10.2 rubles to 20.5 rubles per liter). This caused discontent among motorists, who on January 2 went to spontaneous protests throughout the region, including the administrative center of the Aktau region. The protesters blocked the roads in Aktau and Zhanaozen.

“ At the moment, the owners of gas stations in the Mangistau region, within the framework of the social responsibility of the business, have proactively made a decision to reduce the cost of gas from 120 to 85 & ndash; 90 tenge per liter '', & mdash; the publication says.

The decision was made after the President of Kazakhstan Kassym-Zhomart Tokayev instructed the government to “ urgently consider the situation & lt; … & gt; taking into account economic feasibility in the legal field. ''

The government of the country has created a special commission that should consider the socio-economic situation in the Mangistau region. The authorities also promised to “ implement a package of measures to regulate the price of liquefied petroleum gas. ''

At the same time, the regional authorities, together with the prosecutor's office, created a commission for in violation of public order. ''

Energy Minister of Kazakhstan Magzum Mirzagaliyev said that after the price increase, the margin of filling stations from the sale of gas amounted to 25 to 50%. “ Taking into account the logistics costs, the cost of gas for filling stations in the Mangistau region was within 136,723 tenge per ton, or 80 tenge per liter. The current retail price in the Mangistau region is from 100 to 120 tenge per liter. & lt; … & gt; This gives us reason to speculate about possible price speculation among gas stations, '' he said.

The Agency for the Protection and Development of Competition with respect to the owners of gas stations has launched an investigation into price collusion.

Observer Olzhas Baidildinov in his column on noted that since 2019, liquefied gas has become an exchange commodity in Kazakhstan, and from 2022 all trade in liquefied gas in the country is carried out through the exchange. According to him, Kazakhstan now has the lowest price for liquefied gas not only in the region, but also in the world. “ As of December 27, according to Global Petrol Prices, a liter in oil-producing Azerbaijan costs 166 tenge, in Russia & mdash; 182, Kyrgyzstan & mdash; 203, Belarus & mdash; 212, Georgia & mdash; 275, Ukraine & mdash; 303. This is many times more than ours. Liquefied gas prices should have gone up a long time ago. This is the same product as everything else, but with a high dollar cost '', & mdash; he wrote.

He cited data on the average salary in Kazakhstan, which at the end of 2021 amounted to 250 thousand tenge per month (42.9 thousand rubles), while in Zhanaozen, where unrest broke out, the average salary was 505 thousand tenge per month (86.8 thousand rubles).

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