Former US ambassadors demanded from Biden to publish sanctions against Russia

McFaul, Vershbow and other ambassadors demanded from Biden to publish sanctions against Russia. The United States should convey to the Kremlin a “clear idea of ​​the scale” of the sanctions that could be imposed due to the escalation in Ukraine, former ambassadors say. They demanded that these sanctions be made public.

The building of the US Embassy in Russia

Joe Biden should announce the sanctions that the United States will impose against Russia in the event of military action against Ukraine. This was stated by two former US ambassadors to Russia (Michael McFaul and Alexander Vershbow), as well as 22 other American experts and former diplomats, the Associated Press reports.

“ Ideally, the plan for these sanctions should now be brought to information from Moscow so that the Kremlin has a clear idea of ​​the scale of the economic blow that it will face, '' & mdash; says their statement.

Among the signers & mdash; former US ambassadors to Ukraine Stephen Pifer and John Herbst. The rest & mdash; these are former US national security officers and experts on Russia, who, among other things, worked in the administrations of Barack Obama, George W. Bush and Bill Clinton, writes Associated Press.

Their statement said the United States, along with NATO member states and Ukraine, must “ take immediate steps '' that could “ affect the Kremlin's calculations '' before Russia decides to “ further military escalation. '' According to ambassadors, diplomats and experts, it is necessary to develop a package of “ serious and painful sanctions '' that will be introduced.

US President Joe Biden raised the topic of sanctions due to possible actions of Russia against Ukraine in negotiations with Vladimir Putin. The conversation took place on the night of December 30-31 & mdash; the leaders spoke on the phone. During it, Biden announced that he was ready to take “ drastic measures '' in the event of a military escalation. At the same time, Washington did not disclose the information about what measures were in question. Biden later repeated that he had warned Putin about the risk of sanctions. He also said that the escalation would lead to an increase in the US military presence in Europe. Other NATO member states will take the same steps, he said.

But Vladimir Putin “ immediately reacted to this by saying that if the West decides to impose these unprecedented sanctions under certain conditions, then all this could lead to a complete rupture of relations between our countries, '' said the assistant to the Russian leader Yuri Ushakov. As it follows from his words, Putin told Biden that in this case, relations between Russia and the United States would be “ seriously damaged. ''

The sanctions in question were threatened by the United States and Western countries after reports of a build-up of Russian troops on the border with Ukraine appeared. Information about this, in particular, was published by the Politico portal and The Washington Post newspaper. In late November, the Pentagon also announced the transfer of Russian troops to the Ukrainian border.

Commenting on these messages, the Kremlin stated that Russia has every right to transfer troops to Russian territory. Also, the presidential press secretary Dmitry Peskov said that those who themselves drove their armed forces from across the ocean speak of unusual military activity. '' “ This is not entirely logical and not entirely decent '', & mdash; he added.

Commenting on reports of the concentration of Russian military equipment in the immediate vicinity of the border with Ukraine, Peskov noted that “ those who themselves drove their armed forces from overseas speak of unusual military activity. '' “ This is not entirely logical and not entirely decent '', & mdash; he added.

In mid-December, the Russian Foreign Ministry announced the proposals that Russia is putting forward to the United States. Among them, in particular, a proposal to legally fix the provision that the former USSR countries will not be admitted to NATO, and military bases of the alliance will not be located on their territory. These guarantees of Russia's security were discussed by Putin and Biden during the conversation. The Kremlin has indicated that Putin has announced that Russia will “ achieve a result in the form of ensuring the guaranteed security of Russia. '' Biden, in turn, “ in principle, agreed with this point of view, '' said aide to the Russian President Yuri Ushakov.

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