Firearms used in Almaty

There are victims among the security forces

Protesters in Almaty are being too aggressive. It is difficult to explain such behavior by resentment at the rise in prices. In the “cultural capital” of Kazakhstan, she began to attack and deliberately beat police officers, the same thugs smash ambulances and hospital departments …

Photo: Still from video

If in other cities of Kazakhstan it was possible to establish some kind of negotiation process with the protesters, then Alma-Ata, despite the introduced state of emergency, was at the mercy of the pogromists. From those who went to the storming of the akimat and attacked the police, they did not even receive any special demands. Pogrom for the sake of pogrom …

Before the akimat was once again “taken by the rebels”, they managed to withdraw all the employees from there. So the victims were avoided. But it goes to the police, who are guarding the streets. They are attacked by a crowd and beaten. It is somewhat similar to the January days of 2014 in Kiev: then, immediately after the New Year holidays, pogroms with Molotov cocktails came to replace peaceful protesters. They took by storm the administrative buildings, setting up their “camps” there. In Alma-Ata, it has not come to this yet. But for some reason, the doctors who provide assistance to the victims were under attack. Doctors report that protesters are attacking ambulances and have broken windows in the cardiology center where the wounded are being taken. Information comes in about the use of firearms, moreover, from the side of the crowd. A video appeared on social networks of a special forces soldier falling from bullets and being carried away by his colleagues.

The situation is heating up. According to the latest reports, the Akimat building of Almaty and the office of the ruling Nur Otan party are on fire.

In Almaty, a crowd of demonstrators broke into the city administration building: video

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Protesters in Alma-Ata seized a machine gun from a policeman: video of the attack

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