Dougie Maclean – Singing Land Lyrics

Your burning skies are never-ending
Across your red brush plains
Out where the dingo still is king and eternity remains
There between the old and ancient there’s an oasis bright
Your gentle children who have gone are close to me


In your singing land, in your singing land
Shine on, oh shine on over me

There’s a feeling still and eerie, there’s a feeling
The path humanity has come and the path that he has gone

Me I am I am just passing three score years and ten
And I’m just a stranger who may never come this way again


Under the spell of caterpillar dreaming
New life shapes its form
Along the river’s naked banks
That are straining for the storm
Oh sacred rock, in thunder ocean
The tree of man grows clear
The woodlarks sing, the brolgas dance and
Dawn is slipping near