China reveals new images from Mars taken by probe

China's National Space Administration has released new photos of Mars, which were taken with the Chinese research probe Tianwen 1; and the Jurong rover. This was reported by RIA Novosti.

The pictures show a crater named after the Soviet designer Sergei Korolev. In addition, they show the Olympia dune field, as well as the planet's northern polar cap, consisting of ice and carbon dioxide.

Space Administration also received photographs with a general plan of the orbiter and a partial plan with a deployed solar sail.

Tianwen 1 probe located 350 million kilometers from the Earth. Its working time is 526 days. Chinese devices conduct reconnaissance and necessary tests. In total, the space agency claims that they managed to collect about 560 gigabytes of raw data. They also reported that the devices were working properly.

Earlier it became known that Japanese researchers will begin preparations for the launch of the world's first wooden satellite in early 2022.


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