Bloomberg learned that the United States will respond to Russia’s security requirements

Bloomberg: U.S. in response to security guarantees will name its concerns because of Russia Washington will not give a specific written response to every Russian security demand, an EU official told Bloomberg ://” alt=”Bloomberg learned that the United States will respond to Russia's security demands” />

US Secretary of State Anthony Blinkenas meets with Minister Foreign Affairs of Russia Sergey Lavrov in Geneva

The United States is coordinating with the European Union and NATO the content of a written response to Russia's demands for security in Europe published in December 2021. This was told to Bloomberg by one of the EU officials, who wished to remain anonymous.

The interlocutor of the agency also revealed the approximate content of the response that Washington is preparing to send to Moscow.

According to him, it is unlikely to contain detailed response to specific requirements. Instead, the White House will name areas where the US and its allies are ready to “resolve” Russian issues.

In addition, the United States also intends to point out to Moscow its actions, which cause concern among NATO allies in Europe.

Earlier, the Kremlin and the Foreign Ministry stated that the final assessment of the results of negotiations with the United States, They will give NATO and the OSCE in Geneva and Brussels in the first half of January 2022 after they receive a written response from the United States to the demands made, which in the West have been dubbed “Putin's ultimatum”.

As The Washington Post wrote, the United States asked Russia not to make public its written response to Moscow's proposals. At the same time, a senior State Department official admitted that the Russian side could release the document as soon as Washington hands it over.

The interlocutor noted that while the United States response still does not satisfy Russia's demand that NATO refuse to move east and accept Ukraine into its ranks, the administration of President Joe Biden believes that Russian leader Vladimir Putin,— in the interests of the USA. “There is one person in Russia who makes decisions, and this person— President Putin»,— said an administration official.

State Department spokesman Ned Price said the US intends to send Russia a written response to its security guarantee proposals this week. “We shared our ideas with our European allies. We receive feedback from them and take it into account in the written response. And when we're ready to hand it over, we'll do it. We expect it to happen this week,— Price said.

White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki did not announce the content of Washington's written response. She only said that it would present areas of concern and areas where the parties could work together. “But I have nothing to announce about how it will look,” — she added. Nevertheless, Psaki said earlier that the United States would lay out its proposals to strengthen arms control and build confidence.

NATO and US representatives have repeatedly stated that one of the main demands of Russia— ban on NATO expansion— will not be executed and the block will continue to implement the “open door” policy. At the same time, Washington stated that among the proposals of Russia there are both unacceptable and those that can be discussed.

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