At least 19 people killed in apartment building fire in New York City

Nineteen people, nine of them children, have been killed in an apartment fire in New York City.

Key points:

  • Officials said 60 were injured in total, with 32 hospitalised
  • The cause of the fire is currently unknown
  • The blaze took 200 firefighters to extinguish 

New York City Mayor Eric Adams said 19 people had died from the blaze that broke out around 11am Sunday local time in a 19-floor apartment building in the Bronx borough.

Officials had earlier said that 32 people had been hospitalised with life-threatening injuries and some 60 people were injured in total.

"Right now we have 19 people confirmed dead and we have several more that are in critical condition," Mr Adams said in an interview with CNN.

Nine of the dead were children, the New York Times reported.

Some 200 firefighters helped put out the blaze. Its cause was not immediately known, the city's Fire Department Commissioner Daniel Nigro told reporters at a Sunday news briefing.

There were 200 firefighters were on scene to fight the blaze. (Reuters: Lloyd Mitchell )

"Members found victims on every floor in stairwells and were taking them out in cardiac and respiratory arrest," he said.

Mr Nigro said the smoke had spread to every floor of the building, likely because the door to the apartment where it started was left open, and that victims had suffered from significant smoke inhalation. 



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