Amid the pandemic, the Pentagon increased the starting salary for new contractors

The US Armed Forces are experiencing a shortage of military personnel due to covid

The US Defense Department has decided to increase payments to those wishing to enter the military up to $ 50 thousand per year due to a shortage of personnel due to for the coronavirus. The Associated Press reported this with reference to the military.


To attract new recruits, they were promised an average of $ 4.4 thousand per month. At the exchange rate, this is about 330 thousand rubles. Major General Kevin Verin, who heads the Pentagon's recruiting command, explained that school closures and increased competition in the labor market have made it difficult to recruit new fighters. The army hopes to attract young people by raising pay for those entering the service.

“ We are still living in 2020 under the onslaught of COVID-19, when the school system practically stopped working, '' Verin said. “… We lost a whole group of young people with whom we had no face-to-face contact.”

Not everyone who signed a 6-year contract this year will be able to claim a large amount. The final amount paid depends on how soon the recruits start training and what kind of military service they choose. The problem is compounded by the proliferation of the Omicron strain. So this year, the US Army has allocated most of its contract recruiting budget for the first months.

This year's recruitment target has yet to be determined. In 2021, 57.5 thousand people were supposed to be recruited, and payments did not rise above $ 40 thousand per year. Since 2018, the number of people wishing to enter the service has been falling, and funding for the army has also been decreasing.

According to the latest data, the American army has 1.4 million servicemen and more than 600 thousand civilian specialists. Among the requirements for candidates for military service are US citizenship or green card, age – from 17 to 42 years old, no criminal record. The contract is concluded for a period of two to six years.

The size of the Russian army & mdash; about 1 million people. The number of contract soldiers has exceeded the number of conscripts and is approximately 400 thousand people. The monetary allowance of contract servicemen depends on the length of service, position, rank, and special conditions of service. In combat conditions, military personnel receive an increased salary. With the first contract, servicemen are offered from 30-40 thousand rubles per month and more.


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