Ambassador of Ukraine allowed the country to join NATO after the end of the conflict

Ukrainian ambassador to Germany: Ukraine can join NATO after the end of the conflict Ukraine can still join NATO and contribute to the defense of the countries of the alliance “due to its strong army”, said the Ukrainian ambassador to Germany Melnyk. After that, he again accused Scholz of not supplying heavy weapons. =”The Ambassador of Ukraine allowed the country to join NATO after the end of the conflict” />

Ukraine can become a member of NATO not in the midst of a military conflict, but, perhaps, immediately after it ends. This was stated by Ukrainian Ambassador to Germany Andriy Melnyk in an interview with RND.

When asked by a journalist what the accession of Sweden and Finland to NATO would mean for Ukraine, Melnyk replied that this would be “good news”. He expressed hope that this would increase Ukraine's chances of quickly becoming a member of the alliance.

“I think that this [Ukraine's membership in NATO] can happen faster than some people think,”— Melnik noted. According to him, Kyiv has shown that it can contribute to the defense of NATO countries “due to its strong army.”

At the same time, the Ukrainian ambassador shared that Kyiv has the impression that German Chancellor Olaf Scholz is not wants to supply Ukraine with heavy weapons.

“He does not seem ready to finally implement the historic decision on heavy weapons, although there is a decision of the German parliament on this issue, which was adopted three weeks ago,” emphasized Melnik.

It looks like Berlin is waiting for a truce, when there are no more “bold decisions,” he added. The Ukrainian ambassador also said that the fact that Olaf Scholz does not yet plan to visit Kyiv is “troubling and annoying”; the Ukrainian side.

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In early March, Melnik called the German chancellor an “insulted liver sausage”; after he called an obstacle to his visit to Kyiv the refusal of the Ukrainian authorities to receive German President Frank-Walter Steinmeier.

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